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Nach der Flut in New Orleans:

Ricky Martin Foundation

A Message from Ricky


To witness thousands of nameless persons in despair is overwhelming. Mother Nature's power makes us feel helpless, at first. But it also reminds us that in times of hardships, unity amongst nationalities is the means, the vehicle to give hope.

Perhaps, I seem like an idealist to many but I believe in alliances. On August 29, Katrina's rage left thousands homeless, killed hundreds, and displaced countless children. As I watched the images, I relived the devastation in Asia after the tsunami. Undoubtedly, in every natural disaster children are always the most vulnerable survivors. To deny them help is unacceptable.

Organizing the agenda to visit Houston was strenuous, yet possible. We made it happen. Now it's time to lend a hand, to the little ones. Thousands of them survived Katrina's fury and they need us. Last Friday, September 9th, we witnessed firsthand the reality that survivors are experimenting in The Astrodome, The Reliant Center, The Playground Center, and theTexas Children's Hospital.

The visit allowed us to understand their suffering, and empathize with their reality. I was able to somewhat comprehend, to be compassionate with my peers' sorrow. Likewise, being in the devastated zone strengthened the Foundation's relationship with other international and local organizations. Only together, we can draw the route to meet the real needs of the survivors.

Talking and exchanging ideas bridges communication. By asking and listening, many answers surfaced. And step by step, we create windows of opportunities for the well-being of a global agenda, our common thread. Details of what I felt, and feel will be shared in the coming days. In Thailand, our Foundation witnessed the rebirth of a country. Their strength, their hope moves us.

I am very thankful for all your support. Everyone who joined the crusade nurtured their spirit. But now we must aid the children who survived Katrina. I know you will help us help others. I will also like to share that the Foundation partnered with Banco Popular of Puerto Rico to give children clothes, shoes, educational games, and diapers. These items will be collected next week (September 15 & 16) in all branches that the bank has in Puerto Rico and various in the United States.

We also launched the LIFE for the Katrina CHILDREN Relief Fund at the to alleviate the burden that children, continue to experience during the aftermath.

Thanks. Gracias. Together we evolve.



08.05.05: Ricky erwirkte die Hilfe für 53 Häuser für die Tsunami-Opfer:

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24.04.05: Hier unterschreibt Ricky den Vertrag für Thailand, 224 Häuser dort zu bauen.

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Homes of Hope
Por Bibiana Ferraiuoli Suárez
Fotos / Wanda Liz Vega

Ricky Martin, craftsman of the Project People for Children, went to Thailand to alert about the imminent danger of Child Trafficking

The Foundation Ricky Martin and Habitat for Humanity will construct 224 homes

Two hundred and twenty four homes will give warmth, security and hope to Thailand Families, especially the children that have been left orphans of both or one parent after the devastation tsunami that attacked the Asiatic region this past December 26th.

And that this global dream will be done with the signature of two Puerto Ricans is a cause for celebration. A feeling that will win is that Ricky Martin, President of the Foundation that bears his name and Lisa Torres, spokesperson for Habitat for Humanity, exchanged impressions about the land that will gradually become a block of hundreds of homes.

El Nuevo Día was present at an exclusive signing and was the also the only Puerto Rican media to accompany Martin as Ambassador of UNICEF during his humanitarian mission in Thailand in the middle of January. For various days they visited refugee camps, orphanages, and fishing communities in Phuket region located on the literal coast at the south of Bangkok where the oceanic phenomenon recovered some 5,000 persons and left thousands without homes. Among those were left some 300 children survivors who many become victims of the unscrupulous trafficking industry of labor and sexual exploitation that annually makes some $9 billion. It was for this reason that Martin crafted the project People for Children that denounces these bad reasons, adding that this country needs to be alert to the imminent danger of trafficking. And after the visit, he decided that the construction of homes was a deterrent practice that can prevent and provide security for these children.

Conscious of his social responsibility, ENDI teamed with the Foundation Ricky Martin to construct these homes. But also to aid the forces of work in projects in favor of the well-being of children in Puerto Rico. An alliance that will give these youth the semblance of a future of hope.

The importance that ENDI has in this country and in the world is incalculable. To be able to tell with the support of such a respected journal that educates and informs the world about this topic of sexual trafficking, the labor exploitation and projects of good will for the children of Puerto Rico has no price”, said Martin.

In a separate interview, María Eugenia Ferré Rangel, president of El Nuevo Día, said that our country has always been distinguished for its generosity and charisma.

“This initiative of the Ricky Martin Foundation is a very special one and tells of the unconditional support of El Nueve Dia. “What happened is that some four months ago was the most unimaginable and devastating (disaster), never before seen by our generation. The reality of these people, and about all of the children requires that we look at it with the eyes of the heart. We are looking to ally the corporate sector that is uniting to respond to this call of Humanitarian Aid to our brothers of Thailand. WE are exhorting our business colleagues to be part of this marvelous project of solidarity and hope, as will future initiatives of the Ricky Martin Foundation,” emphasized the President. To have sources is precisely the priority of Martin in his humanitarian effort and to see the mesh in action is his gratification. The contract that he is signing is synonymous with happiness for him. “Some 90 days ago that we were working in Thailand. They have already cleared the land. There are many volunteers mixing cement, bringing materials and they have already bought various houses with titles to the property.” said Martin. The act here shown spread overt the table are photographs of the various plans for the houses. It is that of a woman with palms united in thanks for the work of the laborers.

Among those, Angel Saltos, Executive Director of the Ricky Martin Foundation explained that they selected Habitat for Humanity for their ‘long history (29 years, each 26 minutes they build a house in someplace in the world and work in more than 100 countries), prestigious and transparent in their processes of building lives of the less fortunate populations.”

Habitat for Humanity builds solid houses with their professionally trained engineers and band of volunteers and those future dreams of residences who lead the efforts with the support of the community. With these 224 homes, habitat is giving priority in the selection of children that are left orphaned of both parents or of one in order to complete the objectives of the Foundation.

It is historic”, said Torres.

Torres and Saltos also said that this meeting was possible thanks to a third member who wasn’t present during the contract signing, the Thailand Governor that provided the land for the construction of these homes in Phan Nga, one of the fishing provinces of Phuket. This meeting is emotional for us, because Ricky represents a new generation of donors, a young Latin, Puerto Rican. He is the first Puerto Rican who had done so much of such renown, and as a Puerto Rican I am very proud.

The Director of Large Donations for Habitat noted that this weekend the former President, Jimmy Carter, will complete the contract. As well as Martin, Habitat tells of other stars like Paul Newman, Julia Stiles, and Reba McEntire among their spokespersons.\\

The goal, commented Martin, is to finish the houses in 2007, but he is hoping to return to Phang Nga in a year to bring the keys to the families as well as to help with the construction of the houses. The singer said, also that Habitat for Humanity has a presence in Puerto Rico. Specifically in Cantera there they have built 13 houses.

Martin said that little by little the Foundation will continue weaving nets. “We have known persons that are doing work for the children and we want to reinforce them in some economic way, the work that they have been doing for years in Puerto Rico, for example for mistreated children.”.

Some 58% of the children live under poverty conditions\

I think that it is a lack of education that is the root of many problems. Of the e spare time is the worst of vices.

“Four walls is the security of a home, a good program of activities, and after school it permits them to know a new world, to better their self-esteem and the expectations of life.” .
As respects to sex trafficking on the Island, Martin said that the majority of the cases are of childe pornography on the internet. And that due to the nature of this media it is difficult to restrain those at fault. “:T speak of this topic is very shameful to the children. Many times they don’t understand what is happening or that what is happening is bad…even though today children of 8 years age that know more than children at school and think that with these guys they can buy themselves tennis shoes and a bike…I repeat, They are not selling drugs or trafficking arms as that is bad. We return to education that must be done to forge alliances that will better their self-esteem”.
As Puerto Ricans, Martin recognizes also that we are very proud of our roots. “We are so proud of our beaches, El Yunque(The Rainforest), to have beauty queens, to have so much beauty, the music…well we are the most happy country in the world (according to a study done in Holland) because we are always making a party, because we take on our problems with a smile, we make music over any controversy...

But you have to internalize everything and take it to another stage with the same pride in social commitments”.

At his 33 years, he confessed that doing this humanitarian work is a personal necessity. “It is something that is within me from when I began to work because the group that I belonged to (Menudo) did a lot of philanthropic work and one feels good about oneself.

I don’t do it to be an example, but I hope that I can inspire a lot of youths and colleagues that are artists so that they can educate and they can see us doing work for their fellow man, education and supporting some project.

One feels very good, after all it is personal satisfaction and you observe a change and think that you had to see with this. It is something that is born in you. There are so many people that have so many problems of their own to resolve that don’t have time for others and it is valid…I insist that I don’t do it for the example, if not because I enjoy it…I believe in something and I am going to do it…

I t has to be like this in the philanthropic world, in your studies, in the family, in the spiritual development, in life,“ he observed. He names his parents and his grandmother, who was a Professor at the University of Puerto Rico, as role models.

The journey to Thailand and the signing of the agreement among his Puerto Rican brothers, a net between countries. An achievement that traces his own path of humanitarian evolution.




Helft den Überlebenden der Flutkatastrophe in Asien:

Wir haben beschlossen, den Opfern der Flutkatastrophe zu helfen. Alle die helfen wollen können sich hier informieren. Wenn Ihr spendet, schreibt bitte dazu, das Ihr durch "voice.of.heaven" aufmerksam gemacht worden seid. vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung und Hilfe.

Ricky's Foundation-homepage


andere Hilfsorganisationen











Ricky sprach am 20.10.2004  vor den Vereinten Nationen in New York über

Kinderprostitution, -mishandlung und -sklaverei und rief alle Menschen auf, zu helfen

und dagegen zu kämpfen. Nur vereint können wir etwas dagegen tun
(Danke an Esther von RMUFA und Jenn vom off. Ricky Martin Fanclub-Management)


Ricky Martin has just given his speech at the UN at the Luncheon and Panel Discussion "Innovative Global Actions To Stop Child Sex Tourism".

He also met with Ambassador John Miller, Director of the Trafficking In Persons Division of the US State Department; Ambassador Sichan Siv, US Ambassador to the UN; Michael Garcia, Assistant Secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for the US; as well as Joseph Mettimano of World Vision, Claudia Chagas, from Brasil, Lourdes Balanon, of the Phillipines, and Patrick Midy, of France, and approximately 60 other ambassadors from all over the world...

Please, help us get this important message out to everyone... we can't do it alone, but together we can do anything!!!!!


Ricky's Speech given earlier today at the UN....

Good afternoon.

* Some months ago, a man in Central America was arrested for paying $10,000 to have sex with

an eight month old baby.

* An estimated 5,000 children are currently involved in prostitution, pornography and sex-tourism in Mexico,

AND, Nearly 100 a month fall into the
hands of the child prostitution networks which are mafias or organized crime syndicates.

* In Tanzania, in the course of one year, 7% of street children acquired a sexually transmitted disease because of sexual exploitation.

* Thailand- there are about 200,000 children involved in its sex trade and 86% of patrons are local.

*In Campo Grande, Brazil, over 100 young girls are prostituted in sex tourism in 12 brothels-

places where girls are bought for periods of one to two weeks.

* An American sex tourist was only sentenced to ten years in jail in Honduras for raping two Honduran boys.

* $7 billion dollars are moved annually within the Trafficking in persons industry - making it the third largest illegal

activity of the world

* And- listen to this- it is estimated that two million children around the world, live under this type of sexual bondage.

Sadly enough, the statistics I just gave you represent only a small fraction of the problem the world faces today

in the area of sexual exploitation of children.

This is our era's form of slavery- and helping affect its complete abolition is the reason I am here today. Because,

despite the clearly serious nature of even a single ONE of these cases, the visibility afforded to this phenomenon is

still minimal, and it's danger is not being expressed with sufficient force.

I am here today to talk about recovering lost childhoods and preventing the daily tragedy in the lives of millions of

children sold into slavery every year. Imagine a child locked in slavery. A child so overshadowed by exploitation that

insomnia, beatings, rape, and violence are part of his or her daily life. This is what happens to children who are trafficked

for prostitution, pornography and as playthings by sex-tourists. About 2 million children from all over the world are

subjected to this every year. Some are as young as seven.

Child sex-tourism is spreading on our planet. The demand continues to grow and men fly from one country to another

for cheap sex with a child. We must end this demand and protect our children. They are our future.

I just came back from Kolkata India where I've been working with recovering victims for more than two years.

They were traumatized but were able to overcome their tragedy. They had recaptured their laughter.

I saw a little effort by some spirited people go a long way. We need to supplement their efforts and make them go further.

If we work together, we can end this modern form of slavery.

As Martin Luther King said, we have made the world a neighborhood, now it is time to make it a brotherhood.

In an act of faith, I have initiated the People for Children Project as part of the Ricky Martin Foundation-to

protect our children and to create a safer world. Come share with me this vision.

Let us transform the tragedies in the lives of these children, to one of hope and joy. Let us move beyond rhetoric and resolutions.

Please help us act now. And if you are already fighting this battle, use me as part of your team on our journey of hope.

Child-sex tourism is not just about these 3 words. It is also about demand - about supply- about trafficking in children and

sexual exploitation- and it is also about travel. As such, it is not an activity that affects only a few nations. It is, in fact,

a human epidemic of international proportions that leaves no region of the world untouched.

There are 3 issues that will be discussed further during today's panel, which I will briefly highlight here......

First, it is imperative that child-sex tourism is understood as an industry that would NOT exist without the demand from

adults who are seeking and utilizing children for sexual commercial purposes inside and outside their countries.

My Foundation will support initiatives on educating children to resist the demand, law-enforcement officers to

understand the demand, and adults to see the consequences of this crime, through training and awareness
programs. All of you at the UN can help me in enhancing this activity. Once again, we need your help!

Secondly, it is important to cut off the DEMAND and recognize child-sex tourism and child trafficking as a

criminal offense within countries and also across countries. A first obvious step towards achieving this

goal- is to harmonize laws, policies, codes of conduct, and many other national and international efforts,

so that sexual offenders cannot get away with impunity by traveling abroad for sex with a child. The World Tourism
Organization has spearheaded a growing interest in making travel, in all its forms, safe for children everywhere.

We HAVE begun a positive process towards the elimination of child-sex tourism and must build on this momentum.

Finally, the only way we can change the world is with cooperation and with group effort.

As I said it is impossible to prevent, combat or eradicate child sex tourism in isolation.

We need to step out of denial...this is happening and it is happening everywhere we look,

and in places we can't even see...

Coalitions and alliances must be strengthened, where previously absent, bridges must be formed,

and whatever differences may exist between nations we must look beyond such divisions and focus

on what needs to be our main global concern... the lives of children.

Imagine the fear of a child as young as eight years old, who should be in school, well nurtured, innocent

and playful who instead is trafficked, beaten, raped, and whose identity and hope for a bright future has been stolen.

The task we are faced with is complicated and challenging- but as leaders and representatives of nations

who have the power to set standards and examples, I urge you all to take strong decisive action in what pertains

to these crimes against our most vulnerable citizens...our children. It is my sincere belief that the smallest and most

powerless among us, our children, are just as entitled to human rights, health and justice as the strongest among us.

Let us take advantage of this momentum, nurtured by an established and growing movement to end child sex tourism.

Ladies and gentleman, the bottom line is...

This is war, and we need to win, and to win we need to work together.

Let us demonstrate with resolve, that this crime has no place in our world

Thank you.

Courtesy of Ricky Martin Music. By RMUFA





Ricky Martin Center of SER of Peurto Rico am 28.05.04

Danke an LOCA4Ricky von TSARM


und hier gibt es die Fotos dazu:



Regalo de amor para los niños de SER

The screams and applause that Ricky Martin heard yesterday, were very distinct that those he is accustomed to listen to in his concerts and presentations.


ON this occasion they were expressions of an immense happiness felt by the community of Aibonito, where already thanks to the singer the Governor and other agencies have will make it possible to have a therapy senter to complement the Ricky Martin Center of SER of Peurto Rico for this village.


The announcement was made by the Secty. of Ed. Cesar, Rey, in the SER Ctr. of PR. Accompanying Ricky Martin, Nilda Morales, exec. dir. of SER, David Cimno, Pres. of the SER Board of Directors, Sonia Rosario, secty. of Special Ed., and Ivette Rolon, Pres. of PRO-SER Committee of Aibonito.


"Every year 2,000 children are diagnosed with special educatiion needs, a responsibility that not only the Dept. of Educa. can take on alone, it needs to have the country help and this is the first call", indicated describing thatthis is one of the great projects that the special education in ortopedic pediatrics.


The Secty. also informed that in the Lesser? Hospital of AIbonit that a great percentage fo the orthopedic surgers, and Dr. Collaz is in charge.


"we are talking of the best or the best orthopedic pediatric center in this country. He jealously does the best surgeries, but he doesn't have enough space to give therapy to all his patients," Said Rey.


In view of the many patients, that need to travel to the area to be given therapy, the community of Aibonito began to look for solutions to construct an appropriate therapy center.


The homework was not easy because first you had to find the space and later build it in a style that can hold all the equipment to give the therapy.


In this manner thanks to the strentgh of everyone yesterday the school of Llanos was ceded by the Dept of Ed, for the center could be expanded and in this manner be able to give more servicices to a large number of patients.


While, the promise of Martin is to finance the space to make the center a reality.


"today I want to announce tht the school will be ceded to SER of PR. We are going to have an adequate space in the school and I want them to know that this will be a work together, EZCODE BOLD START-->but above all i want it known that it would not have been possible if it weren't for a person such as Ricky Martin in this case, who he emphasized in this outstanding manner, because he is an example for all Puerto Rico," said Rey, who considesrs teh singer as an example to follow for his sensitivity and for never frogetting his Puerto Rican identity.


For his part Martin, who during the conference greeted frequently the children of SER, said, "I am happy, enchanted, for this great news, one more time I want to be a voice, if this doesn't happen little by little in one manner or another, now there is nothing to do but simply begin the building of the facilities, many thanks".


At the end of the conference Martin, shared with the children present, some special things form San Juan and other of Aibonito.


During the conference the singer informed casually of next Mondays esvent "2004 Special" that will be dedicated to him for his philanthropic work in this country.


"It is an honor for me, I do not do it for the recognition, I do it because it was born in me, but , pero más bien no es un por qué lo hago, sino una para qué lo hago. I do it because the leaders will listsen, and so that they will listen to the whole community", said the singer whose first expereince of interaction with these children with infirmities was in 1984 whe he was only 13 years old.


This was precisely one of the topics the night of Thursday the singer had dinner withe the Governor Sila María Calderón.


"We spoke of many things, but it was a private activity, it was a shareing that we never thought would take place between her and I, but we talked of things that we wanted to do for sports for children. We talked of very interesting things that have to be seen for the recreation of the public, I don't want to talk of any martial arts in particular, but it is a martiall art the whole community can take, we are talking of making a movement, good things fsor the Island" he said referening to capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that he has practiced for a time.




Hier ist ein Interview aus, geführt von Fans, die an Ricky Fragen stellen konnten, die Ricky dann beantwortete.


(Danke an "AcoolORican84" von TSARM)


Translation of Univision Fans Q&A with Ricky

"I want to save the life of the children"

The horror of child trafficking

Parents selling their children. Children sexually abused over and over again showed on Internet. People paying to see it. The horror of the child trafficking is a fact that Ricky Martin faced the day that he rescued from the street 3 girls in India. Now, with the project People for Children from the foundation having his name, he wants to help the thousands of kids that are going through the same things. You asked. He tells you.


Ricky Martin is making the official launch of the project People for Children, that his foundation is taking care of and he wanted that the users of the forums at were the first to ask him what is this about. Here you have his answers, obtained in an exclusive interview.


Would you like to be a winner of a Nobel Prize for Peace, for this project? (rickylover)

Of course! In order to have in your hands a Nobel Prize for Peace, I think that you have to work a lot changing something extremely impacting in the society. But now my biggest worry is, more than having an award in my house, is to save the life of children that are being forced daily to prostitution.


You say that your interest on rescuing children from the street begun during a trip to India. What did you saw that encouraged you to collaborate on this? (gurugirl)

By having this opportunity of going to India and rescuing 3 girls so they could have a new life, I realized that I rescued 3 girls, but what about the rest that still living in the streets? And then I begun to educate about the children in the streets, the children trafficking. And I realized that this is a big problem attacking us all worldwide, not only the third-world countries but also in our neighborhoods in United States, Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia.


It's hard that those people that were abused when they were children recognize it on public. Santana shocked the world when he said he went through it a few years ago. Were you a victim of sexual abuse when you were a children? (Moniquita linda)

I never felt abused. Thank God I had a beautiful childhood. I went out of my house when I was 12 year old and worked since I was very young, but I had an option: I decided to go out of my house to work. These children are forced. Parents sell them so they go out to the streets, to the brothels. I worked in the music, which is what I always wanted. I worked in a stage, communicating and receiving the applause of an audience. These kids are receiving slaps from the clients.


If you were a judge (obviously, you're not), what kind of punishment would you sentence for to a pedophile or a child abuser? (morunadelnorte)
A lifetime on jail.


In which way People for Children will stop the actions of the people that is doing the child trafficking, if the police is not helping? How are we going to stop their "business"? The new CD has been announced as a very good and very original recording. Do you think the CD will influence in a certain way? (laviidaloca)

My new CD will trail me to different stages and in every stage I step on I will talk about the problem of the child trafficking. Unfortunately, there are corrupt policemen that are making this battle a harder one for us. People for Children's mission, besides educating the whole society, would also be creating laws, adding laws to the Constitutions of each country so we can support ourselves in each Constitution and to punish in a better way this cases. Once the law is written and accepted, then we'll focus in the law being obeyed.


Is it on your plans to host a various-artist concert to promote People for Children? (borrikua)

In January I'll begin my concert tour, after the release of my new English CD in September. And in one of the concerts I will call two or three colleagues so we can record a song where we can talk about the topic and make a massive statement through music.


Why are you choosing to have such a difficult goal to achieve in behalf of this cause, when other artist choose problems that are less complicated?

I chose it because this epidemic matter came to my life. I realized that this was happening and I said: "What can we do to build a better future, to leave a positive legacy to our
new generation?" I want to have a starring role on this, and not staying here watching it.


What are your expectations with this project?

To create laws, that we can unite the goverments to this mission, that the great leaders listen me in regards of this subject and that they can realize that the problem is bigger than the drug trafficking and the traffic of arms. Child trafficking is horrible because the children can be recycled 50 times daily


What will happen after the official launch of this project?

We'll cover with advertisement all the cities with posters of People for Children. I will make 2 presentations in Puerto Rico: one for the media and another one for investors, big enterprises that will see what my worry is about, to know about it and see if they're interested in donating their services, helping with funds or however they can.


How can the fans can collaborate to help these children?

The most important is to have a strict knowledge in the education. To get in People for Children and see what's happening in each country so we can simply talk about it. And later we'll step on the theaters, we'll do movements and we'll tell people: this is what is happening and it can happen to you. This is not only happening in the third-world countries and it can even happen in our neighborhood.


Do you have doubts of how bad might be the problem? Ricky chose some "very dark examples from what the FBI and the Human Trafficking Office of the US Department of State found" so you can imagine it:

Several months ago, a man was arrested in Central America because he paid $10000 to have sex with an 8-month old baby.


A doctor was giving drugs to the children when they were attending his office, he took pornographic pictures and later he sold them at Internet.


In USA, 4000 people paid $15000 dollars on the Internet to see how a father was violating his daughter. And the double, 8000 people paid double money to see how the father was killing later his daughter.


"I can't stay quiet with this", Ricky summarizes with sadness but determination.

And you, can you stay quiet?





27.05.2004: Puerto Rico

(Danke an Adinda und LatinAdept von TSARM)


Ricky Martín lanza campaña con gran coraje

Ricky Martín lanza campaña con gran coraje

jueves, 27 de mayo de 2004
Por Dalianés Abreu Ponce

TE INVITAMOS a reaccionar. Es tiempo de actuar". Este es el lema que acompaña la campaña publicitaria de la Fundación People for Children, que lanzó hoy el astro boricua Ricky Martin en el Teatro Raúl Juliá, del Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico a la prensa local e internacional.
El cantante, quien a los 12 años de edad se convirtió en embajador de UNICEF y tuvo la oportunidad de compartir con niños de la calle, realizó un discurso donde describió a flor de piel cómo han aumentado los casos de prostitución infantil en Latinoamérica y el Caribe, incluyendo a Puerto Rico.

"En nuestra Isla, hace unos meses el FBI descubrió el caso de un médico que drogaba a niños mientras éstos estaban en su consultorio. Luego, le tomaba fotos pornográficas que vendía para ser publicadas en el Internet", comentó Martin con gran indignación.

Sin embargo, el caso que más impactó a Ricky fue uno notificado por la Oficina de Tráfico de Humanos, del Departamento de Estado federal, en el que se informó sobre 4 mil personas que pagaron 15 mil dólares para ver a un padre violar a su hija a través de Internet, y 8 mil pagaron el doble para ver cómo la mataba. "Este caso me impactó grandemente por lo que no dejo de sentir coraje ante esta situación", expresó el astro boricua.

Al terminar su discurso, Martin presentó la campaña que se componía de tres comerciales, dos en español y uno en inglés, en el que se representó a través de imágenes un cosmos oscuro que giraba alrededor de miles de niños y niñas que representan a las víctimas de la explotación sexual en infantes.

Al acabar dicha presentación, Martín explicó que decidió proponer esta campaña sombría, con el fin de dramatizar el sufrimiento de estos niños y evidenciar el problema, "no queremos presentar florecitas cuando el jardín está completamente seco", exclamó.

Asimismo, el cantante expresó que no sólo utilizará su voz para la música, si no que la utilizará para ser portavoz del dolor de los niños. "Con mis amigos músicos, creo que podemos trasmutar el coraje en pasión".

Por otro lado, Mirna Lievano de Marqués, representante del Banco de Desarrollo Internacional, y parte de este proyecto, comentó que "esta campaña ayudará a la eliminación y combate de este flagelo que es la explotación infantil. El que Ricky Martín sea la voz es beneficioso, ya que permitirá que el mensaje llegue a más personas".

Ricky también contó con el apoyo de la Gobernadora, quien respaldó la iniciativa del cantante para combatir el tráfico de niños y la explotación sexual. Se espera que esta noche tanto Martín como Calderón se reúnan para discutir asuntos a favor de esta problemática.

Finalmente, el ex Menudo añadió que como parte de los esfuerzos de concienciación de "People for Children", el próximo mes de septiembre se estará realizando en Puerto Rico el Congreso Contra el Tráfico Sexual de Niños para discutir alternativas de solución y otras áreas relacionados con este tema.

Entre los planes futuros con esta campaña, Martin espera que esta llegue hacia Europa, Asia y África. Sin embargo, su reto más grande es tratar de ayudar en la creación de leyes que ayuden a combatir la prostitución infantil mundialmente.





Ricky Martin launches campaign for "People for Children"

Miami, U.S.A., May 25, 2004 (Notimex) - Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin launched yesterday the publicity campaign for "People for Children" the project put forward by his foundation to educate, raise awareness and warn about abuse, exploitation, and sexual trafficking of children.
The interpreter of the hit "Livin' la vida loca" stated by means of his office, "it is my intention that my voice be used to sound a warning about this crime that daily marks the lives of thousands of children".

He highlighted that, according to experts, daily there are more than 20 possibilities of a minor being prostituted, "and that is reality for millions of children that we are trying to rescue by means of the "People for Children" crusade.
"People for Children", launched in Puerto Rico, where it has been carried out with participation of local island talent, will also be broadcast worldwide, informed Tuesday spokespersons for the Caribbean star.

As part of the campaign, 10 children who were supervised by seasoned commercial ad production professionals are to carry the message over the public service airwaves.

One of the missions of "People for Children" is working to see that laws are observed holding accountable anyone who in one way or another is involved with illegal and sexual trafficking of children.

Representatives indicated Ricky Martin's philanthropic effort is joined by the Inter-American Development Bank, the American Bar Association and the United States Congress.

The "People for Children" campaign, filmed in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, is made up of several 30-second television capsules in addition to radio and printed media ads.
Ricky Martin announced that next September Puerto Rico will host the Congress Against Child Sexual Trafficking where possible solutions to this problem will be discussed.



Und wir können alle mithelfen: RMUFA unterstützt die Arbeit von "PfC"





Ricky Martin ist einer der erfolgreichsten Latin-Pop-Künstler in der heutigen Zeit.

Durch seine Reisen rund um die Welt und vor allem durch Indien, sah er das Elend in vielen Ländern,

besonders das Elend der Kinder. Armut, Prostitution, Pornografie, Misshandlung und schwere Arbeit bestimmen in vielen Ländern das Leben der Kinder. Kinder, deren Zuhause die Straße ist, von Ratten angefressen um’s Überleben kämpfen müssen, Tag für Tag und ohne Zukunft.


Durch seine Unterstützung und Hilfe konnte der Bau einer Schule in Indien realisiert werden, um Kinder von der Straße zu holen und ihnen eine Zukunft zu geben. Weiterhin unterstützte er den Bau eines Rehabilitationszentrums für behinderte Kinder in Puerto Rico und er engagiert sich im Kampf gegen Kinderprostitution, Kinderpornografie, Kindesmisshandlung und Kinderarbeit.

Wann immer es seine Zeit zulässt, kümmert er sich persönlich und direkt vor Ort um diese Kinder und um die Verwirklichung und Funktion der Projekte.

Für dieses Engagement wurde er mit einer Sonderauszeichnung der SABERA-Foundation ausgezeichnet. (SABERA-Foundation ist eine weltweite Organisation, die verarmten Frauen und Kindern hilft). Seit September 2003 ist Ricky Martin UNICEF-Botschafter.

Um noch mehr Hilfe gewährleisten zu können, wurde die Wohltätigkeitsstiftung "People For Children" von Ricky Martin ins Leben gerufen, um die Menschen aufzurütteln und sie zu Hilfe und Unterstützung aufzurufen.


Ricky Martins Hilfsprojekt „People for Children“ startet seine Arbeit jetzt auch in Deutschland!!!

Aus einem neuen Projekt heraus, startete man den Aufruf in Australien.

Verbunden mit Rickys Besuch in Australien sammelten die Fans alle alten Handys (kaputt oder funktionstüchtig) um sie zur Wiederverwertung abzugeben. Für jedes gesammelte Handy bekommen wir $1 US für die Foundation.


Da diese Sammelaktion in Australien hervorragend läuft, und weil wir Ricky Martin bei seiner Arbeit unterstützen möchten, wo wir können, wollen wir diese Sammelaktion hier fortführen.


Deshalb, werft Eure alten Handys nicht einfach in den Müll. Jedes alte Handy könnte helfen.

Bitte gebt es bei uns ab und fragt in Eurem Bekanntenkreis, für einen guten Zweck.



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Sie haben ein altes Handy und wissen nicht wohin damit?



Spenden Sie es doch einfach für einen guten Zweck.


„People for Children“

die weltweit anerkannte Hilfsorganisation die sich gegen:




Kinderpornografie einsetzt.


„People for Children“ hat eine weltweite Sammelaktion für alte Handy´s gestartet.

Jedes Handy (egal ob defekt oder nicht) wird gesammelt.

Die Handy´s werden in den USA eingelöst, für jedes Handy wird 1 $US für die Foundation gezahlt.

Wollen sie sich von Ihrem alten Handy trennen, dann geben Sie es doch einfach an uns ab.


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