Ricky gewann 2 LatinGRAMMYs:

Best Male Pop Vocal Album - "MTV Unplugged"
Best Long Form Music Video - "MTV Unplugged"

Ricky Martin received his second Grammy of the night, now in the category of Best pop vocal album for his disc male Unplugged
Ricky thanked the producers of the disk, to the public, god, puerto rico and the "union of peoples."
The artist stressed, "we must speak Spanish, do not stop to speak Spanish, it is our language, we must continue speak it."
The Puerto Rican received the award from the hands of actress Angelica Vale and Mexican actor venezolando Wilmer Valderrama.

Earlier in the night, Ricky had won the award for Best music video long version for the same material.

In the category of Best male vocal pop album were also nominated Miguel Bose, Andres Cepeda, Franco de Vita and Aleks Syntek.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!


Ricky hat seinen Stern auf dem "Hollywood Walk of Fame":

Ricky Martin: Aufgenommen in den Walk of Fame
"Unglaublicher Moment"

Latinostar Ricky Martin ist mit einem Stern auf dem Hollywood Walk of Fame geehrt worden. Hunderte weiblicher Fans jubelten dem 35-Jährigen zu, der von einem "unglaublichen Moment" in seinem Leben sprach.

Der in Puerto Rico geborene Sänger wurde mit Hits wie "She Bangs" und "Livin' La Vida Loca" bekannt und 1998 mit einem Grammy ausgezeichnet. Neben seiner musikalischen Karriere hat er eine Stiftung für Kinderrechte gegründet und engagiert sich als UNICEF-Botschafter. ,

Herzlichste Glückwunsche!!!


Ricky ist 4mal nominiert für den Latin GRAMMY!!!!!!!!

Album of the year for - "MTV Unplugged"
Record of the year for - "Tu Recuerdo"
Best Male Pop Vocal Album - "MTV Unplugged"
Best Long Form Music Video - "MTV Unplugged"

The 2007 Latin Grammy Awards will take place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on 8 November 2007.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und Daumendrück, das es klappt!!!!

Ricky Martin wurde im Rahmen der Latin GRAMMYs am 01.11.06 in New York City als "Person of the YEAR" ausgezeichnet.

Ricky sprach am 26.09.06 im amerikan. Kongress in Washington D.C. über die Hilfe gegen Kindesmisshandlung und -ausbeutung:

Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF & President of the Ricky Martin Foundation
September 26, 2006
House Committee on International Relations
United States House of Representatives

Thank you, Chairman Smith, and members of the Committee.
I am here today to raise awareness on an urgent problem and confront the
market of human trafficking. Our enemy is rich – human trafficking generates anywhere from $12 to $32 billion annually, surpassed only by the trafficking of arms and drugs. Yet we are without a global commitment to fight and end this scourge. I hope today is the beginning of a new offensive on this blight.
My name is Ricky Martin, Goodwill Ambassador to UNICEF, and President of
the Ricky Martin Foundation. I appreciate the opportunity to testify today on “Enhancing the Global Fight to End Human Trafficking,” an issue that is very important to me.
My commitment and passion for this issue was born from a humbling moment.
In 2002, when traveling in Calcutta, I met three little girls. They were living on the street, maybe days away from being sold into prostitution, trembling
beneath plastic bags. I knew then that I had to do something about it. I could not turn away.
That was four years ago. It has been a long journey from Calcutta to
Washington, from meeting three victims of child trafficking to testifying in
front of the United States Congress. The common theme is we must raise
awareness and take action to end human trafficking.
My interest and commitment on this issue didn’t start yesterday. It began three years ago when we launched People for Children – the flagship program of the Ricky Martin Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to
advocate for children’s rights and provide well-being in three crucial areas:
social justice, education and health. The Ricky Martin Foundation, established in Puerto Rico in 2000, was created to be a vehicle to enforce children’s rights in partnership with other organizations, socially responsible corporations and committed citizens. I needed to tell the story of those who cannot tell their own.
Child trafficking is a global nightmare. It is the modern day form of slavery.
Despite the nature of child trafficking, few people understand the scope of the tragedy. The facts, however, speak for themselves:
• Each year 2 million people are victims of human trafficking.
• Of those, UNICEF estimates 1.2 million children are trafficked each
• Every country on this planet is entangled in the child trafficking web,
either as a source, a destination, or a transit point.
At a time when children should be learning to read and write, they are forced to enter the world of trafficking. Public safety mechanisms, designed to protect, are paid to look the other way or, worse, to cooperate in this criminal activity.
Traffickers have many different faces. They are members of highly
sophisticated networks of organized crime; they are family members; they are friends of the victims; and often, they are former victims of trafficking
But despite the serious and widespread nature of child trafficking, few people understand the magnitude of the tragedy. The effects of trafficking can be found on every continent:
• In Mexico, an estimated 5,000 children are involved in prostitution,
pornography and sex tourism.
• In Thailand, there are about 200,000 children involved in its sex trade,
and 86% of the patrons are local.
• In Africa, 200,000 boys and girls are trafficked and forced to work on
plantations, mines, fishing boats, and brothels each year.
• In Brazil, about half a million children work as prostitutes. Many of
them are trafficked to the gold mines of the Amazon.
• And in the United States 50,000 women and children are trafficked from
no fewer than 49 countries every year.
We must also recognize that human trafficking does not happen in isolation, but rather that its roots lie in poverty and hopelessness. Supporting the children and families at risk of being exploited by traffickers will help them avoid exploitation.
I commend Congressman Smith, Congressman Lantos, members of this
Committee, and the United States government for their efforts to combat child trafficking through the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 and its reauthorization in 2002 and 2005. This landmark anti-trafficking law addresses the prevention of trafficking, the protection and assistance of victims of trafficking, and the prosecution and punishment of traffickers. Over 100 countries have also passed anti-trafficking laws.
I commend the U.S. State Department-issued Trafficking in Persons (TIP)
report, which provides information about trafficking and puts countries with
doubtful commitment to ending human trafficking on notice. And I thank the
US government for the $375 million in anti-trafficking assistance to foreign
governments and nongovernmental organizations you have provided since 2001
to help abolish human trafficking.
As a public figure, I understand that – if used correctly and strategically – I
could use my position and my foundation to influence the discussion at this
time. The opportunity to testify before this committee today is a privilege but, more importantly, I hope it will trigger action to end this human suffering.
I am committed to continue to work with the United Nations and the State
Department to call for strong, strong commitments to eradicate trafficking. I will continue to work with the Inter-American Development Bank and
International Organization for Migration to develop and distribute the Call and
Live! PSA’s to increase awareness of this issue. I will continue to encourage
organizations such as ECPAT (End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism), Save
the Children and UNICEF to keep up the excellent work they do at assisting
victims and providing services to them.
I am here today not only to explain what I have witnessed, but to motivate this Congress to action. The stories I share with you are stories of real children facing real exploitation.
When I met the little girls in India, they had no idea what their life could have become. Today they live in a beautiful shelter in Calcutta with another 167 girls that have been rescued from the streets. They are studying, going to school, learning music – being children. There is hope that if we act, children will not be lost into the world of modern day slavery. In the face of
hopelessness, action can bring hope. I come before you today to urge action.
Our action steps must start with basic commitments.
1. We must enforce the laws against human trafficking by providing
children and their families with the opportunity to live safely and
2. We must educate children and families about the dangers of
3. We must provide resources and services to reintegrate and rehabilitate
victims of these practices.
4. We must prosecute and punish the traffickers.
The common slogan, “Think Globally – Act Locally,” is an appropriate starting
point for outlining effective action against human trafficking and the
exploitation of children.
Thinking globally, we must call for international standards on birth certificates.
This simple act of registering every child is vital for the protection of their
safety and rights. According to UNICEF, 50 million children are not registered at birth. Without documentation of their existence these children are invisible, and all other mechanisms of support, safety, and human rights cannot be successful.
An international standard to universally define a child as 18 years of age or
younger is a necessary and important component of uniting international law
and developing more effective international interventions.
To act locally, I would recommend that Congress take action to:
• Expand federally funded initiatives for Internet crimes against children
• Establish a division on child trafficking in the TIP report
• Increase the funding for anti-trafficking assistance to foreign
governments and nongovernmental organizations.
Lastly, the people of the United States can demonstrate a commitment on this issue by calling for the US government to ratify the Charter of the Convention of Rights of the Child. This is a cornerstone of human rights. The United States is one of only two countries (Somalia being the other) yet to ratify this charter.
On matters such as this, the United States should be the first, not the last.
Until we as a world community acknowledge this is a real problem, we will
never effectively eliminate it. Let us begin to fight this battle with real policy change and real action. Let us work together to create a world in which the basic rights of all individuals are respected, and our children can be safe and live without fear.
Human trafficking has no place in our world today.
React. It’s time.
Thank you.

Ricky wurde mit einem AWARD geehrt bei "Premier of 'Lives For Sale"
(Danke an specialk1208 fürs posten in TSARM:)

Guest Opinion: Anna Rodriguez
Support efforts against human trafficking rings

• The premiere gala in Estero will have the exclusive pre-showing of the documentary 'Lives for Sale' and honor singer Ricky Martin for his efforts.

Originally posted on September 03, 2006

It is estimated that there are 27 million victims of human trafficking around the world.

More than 2 million are in the United States — 80 percent are women and children.

We are talking about human slaves — slaves for commercial sex, forced labor, debt bondage, peonage and involuntary servitude.

This crime is the most horrific violation of human rights in the world, and it is here in Southwest Florida.

Victims can be foreigners or U.S. citizens. Traffickers do not discriminate. Our children, our homeless, our community are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

It is an up to $12 billion business with criminal profits exceeded only by drug smuggling.

Florida ranks second in human trafficking crimes in the U.S., with California at No. 1 and New York at No. 3.

As a community we must join the fight against this evil and support the work and efforts of the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

Documentary debut

On Sept. 9, the coalition will host its premiere gala and an exclusive pre-showing of "Lives for Sale," a documentary by Lightfoot Films Productions and Mary Knoll, and shot in Southwest Florida.

The presentation will air nationally in the fall on the Hallmark Channel and PBS.

This documentary demonstrates the successful collaborations among the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking, Lee County Sheriff's Office, the FBI, Our Mothers Home and Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Doug Molloy, and how these agencies are combatting human trafficking in Southwest Florida.

The Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking is proud and honored to present the 2006 Humanitarian Award to Ricky Martin and the Ricky Martin Foundation for his advocacy in eradicate human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children throughout the world.
This event will be held at the Hyatt Coconut Point Resort & Spa in Estero.

There will be a reception starting at 5:45pm with a cash bar, silent auction, dinner, presentation of the award and the premier of the documentary "Lives for Sale" by Gayla Jamison and Larry Knoll, producers of the documentary.

Net revenues will go toward a shelter fund so that we can purchase a property in the near future and establish a human trafficking shelter for survivors of human trafficking in the state.

For more information please contact the coalition at (239) 390-3350 or (239) 947-2452. Donations are $145 per person. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

— Anna Rodriguez is president of the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

Ricky Martin wird im Rahmen der Latin GRAMMYs am 01.11.06 in New York City als "Person of the YEAR" ausgezeichnet.

Ricky Martin Honored as 2006 Latin Recording Academy(R) Person of the Year Nov. 1 in New York CityThursday

August 17, 7:00 am ET

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 17, 2006--GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY®-winning international superstar Ricky Martin will be honored as the 2006 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year, it was announced today by The Latin Recording Academy®. Martin, chosen for his accomplishments as a world renowned entertainer, consummate performer and passionate humanitarian, will receive the honor at a special star-studded tribute dinner and concert held Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2006, at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in New York. A portion of the proceeds from the evening's tribute dinner will benefit Ricky Martin's charitable efforts.
"The Latin Recording Academy and its Board of Trustees are extremely proud and excited to honor an amazing human being who embodies the positive spirit that comes from true commitment, full dedication and perseverance," said Latin Recording Academy President Gabriel Abaroa. "His musical accomplishments are matched by his endeavors as an advocate for the welfare of children around the world. It is a great pleasure to honor this man of limitless talent, passion and sense of caring."

Singer/songwriter Ricky Martin began his musical career more than 20 years ago and has sold more than 60 million copies of his sound recordings and videos/DVDs worldwide. His self-titled English-language debut album sold 7 million copies according to the Recording Industry Association of America and his "Sound Loaded" album has been certified gold and/or platinum in 26 countries and is certified double-platinum by the RIAA in the United States. But above any other successes, Martin is recognized as the artist who reached a new dimension for Latin performers worldwide and as a great peer among peers.

In addition, Martin's sense of responsibility to uphold the principles of human dignity and equality for all and his desire to evolve as a better individual led him to establish the Ricky Martin Foundation, which he started in Puerto Rico at the turn of the century. Martin and his foundation, now a global organization, have taken a leadership role to advocate for children rights. They tirelessly work to influence government policy, political authorities and the world at large by conveying messages that trigger behavior change and raise social consciousness. Additionally, the foundation provides disadvantaged children education, social service benefits and activities to improve their quality of life, and collaborates with various organizations that aid young survivors and their families who have been affected by natural disasters.

In 2004, the foundation launched People for Children, a global initiative to educate and support the international agenda for the elimination of human trafficking, especially trafficking of children. He has also served as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and, in addition to the numerous awards received throughout his musical career, Martin has also been honored with many accolades for his humanitarian efforts including: the Hispanic Heritage Award, Leadership In The Arts Award, Billboard's Spirit of Hope Award, the Alma Award, Vanguard Award, and the International Humanitarian Award by the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Ricky Martin is the seventh Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year honoree, joining a prestigious list of previous honorees: Jose Jose, Carlos Santana, Gilberto Gil, Vicente Fernandez, Julio Iglesias, and Emilio Estefan.

For information on purchasing tickets or tables to the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year tribute to Ricky Martin, please contact The Latin Recording Academy ticketing office at 310.314.8281. For program advertising queries, please contact Ken Rose/AFM at 818.508.0934 or e-mail to

The 2006 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year tribute dinner is one of the most prestigious events during Latin GRAMMY Week, and will precede the 7th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards, which will be held at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Thursday, Nov. 2, and will be broadcast live on the Univision Network at 8 p.m./7C.

The Latin Recording Academy is an international, membership-based organization comprised of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking recording artists, musicians, songwriters, producers and other creative and technical recording professionals. The organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural condition for Latin music and its makers. In addition to producing the Latin GRAMMY Awards to honor excellence in the recorded arts and sciences, The Latin Recording Academy provides educational and outreach programs for the Latin music community. For more information about The Latin Recording Academy, please visit

25.11.05: Ricky's nominated in the Best International Male Artist at the NRJ Music Awards which will be held in Cannes, France on January 21st 2006 and Ricky will be attending the ceremony. It'll be LIVE on TF1 Tv channel and also on NRJ Radio.

Sony France asked us to spread the word to vote as much as possible and everyday as it is VERY important!

You can vote for him there : 

To vote for Ricky, click on "Catégorie Suivante" in the red circle until you see "Artiste Masculin International de l'année" (you'll see Ricky's photo) and then click on "Ricky Martin Vote". Apparently you can vote as many times as you want so PLEASE vote!!!!! Your vote can make the difference!

TV Pläne für Deutschland im Oktober 2005 :

22/10/2005 : RTL "Hape Trifft..." 20.15 Uhr
27/10/2005 : Pro 7 " TV Total" 22.15 Uhr
29/10/2005 : ARD "Verstehen Sie Spaß ?" 20.15 Uhr

Platzierungen in den Charts:

I Don't Care - single charts
The Netherlands:  #26
UK : #22
Switzerland:  #20
Italy:  #10
Brazil: #34

LIFE - Album charts
Spain: #6
The Netherlands: #26
UK : #40
USA: #6
Switzerland: #17

und in Amerika in irgendwelchen Charts Platz 6 für "Life"!!!

Radio stations (I Don't Care) Web Top 100 --- #83

12.09.05: RMM News

Ricky Martin Foundation

A Message from Ricky


To witness thousands of nameless persons in despair is overwhelming. Mother Nature's power makes us feel helpless, at first. But it also reminds us that in times of hardships, unity amongst nationalities is the means, the vehicle to give hope.

Perhaps, I seem like an idealist to many but I believe in alliances. On August 29, Katrina's rage left thousands homeless, killed hundreds, and displaced countless children. As I watched the images, I relived the devastation in Asia after the tsunami. Undoubtedly, in every natural disaster children are always the most vulnerable survivors. To deny them help is unacceptable.

Organizing the agenda to visit Houston was strenuous, yet possible. We made it happen. Now it's time to lend a hand, to the little ones. Thousands of them survived Katrina's fury and they need us. Last Friday, September 9th, we witnessed firsthand the reality that survivors are experimenting in The Astrodome, The Reliant Center, The Playground Center, and theTexas Children's Hospital.

The visit allowed us to understand their suffering, and empathize with their reality. I was able to somewhat comprehend, to be compassionate with my peers' sorrow. Likewise, being in the devastated zone strengthened the Foundation's relationship with other international and local organizations. Only together, we can draw the route to meet the real needs of the survivors.

Talking and exchanging ideas bridges communication. By asking and listening, many answers surfaced. And step by step, we create windows of opportunities for the well-being of a global agenda, our common thread. Details of what I felt, and feel will be shared in the coming days. In Thailand, our Foundation witnessed the rebirth of a country. Their strength, their hope moves us.

I am very thankful for all your support. Everyone who joined the crusade nurtured their spirit. But now we must aid the children who survived Katrina. I know you will help us help others. I will also like to share that the Foundation partnered with Banco Popular of Puerto Rico to give children clothes, shoes, educational games, and diapers. These items will be collected next week (September 15 & 16) in all branches that the bank has in Puerto Rico and various in the United States.

We also launched the LIFE for the Katrina CHILDREN Relief Fund at the to alleviate the burden that children, continue to experience during the aftermath.

Thanks. Gracias. Together we evolve.


24.08.05: email von " Ricky gibt eine exclusive Weltpremiere für "I don't care" am Freitag, d. 26. August, in South Beach, Miami, im Hotel MTV, nur für geladene Gäste. Weiterhin gibt er einigen Fans die Möglichkeit ihn dort zu einem Fantreffen exclusiv zu treffen.  


International recording superstar and past Video Music Awards winner Ricky Martin will host an exclusive World Premiere event celebrating the release of his newest album, "Life," at Hotel MTV in South Beach. Ricky Martin will be on-hand to host and meet Hotel MTV guests who will be treated to a first-listen to the much-anticipated album Friday, August 26 at 10:00PM. and have teamed up with MTV to give you access to this event, exclusively through his web site. If you would like to attend, please send us your full name, and email address; along with the number of tickets you'd like (4 ticket limit per person) and the name and email address for your guests.

Send in your request for tickets to with "South Florida Event" in the subject line. The deadline for requesting tickets is Wednesday.

*please note that this is NOT a concert or live performance.

07.08.05: Ricky soll lt. Angaben von rmtee diese Woche außer in UK auch in Deutschland sein für Interviews über seine neue Single und sein neues Album zu geben, in verschiedenen Radiostationen!!! Hoffen wir mal, diese Angaben sind wahr!

06.08.05: Ricky stattete am 06.08.05 dem israelischen Konsul in New York, Arye Mekel, einen Besuch ab. Bei der Gelegenheit entschuldigte sich Ricky für das Tragen des Schals mit der Aufschrift "Jerusalem ist unser" und seine Unkenntnis über hebräische Schriftzeichen. Denn er wußte nicht, das er für solche Parolen benutzt wurde.

Gleichzeitig diskutierte man über Rickys Tour nächstes Frühjahr und einem Konzert in Israel gemeinsam mit israelischen Künstlern.


03.08.05.: Ricky ist diese Woche in New York.
Er gibt eine Menge Interviews und hat Fotoshootings für einige US- und internationale TV-und Radiosender.
in dieser Woche wird Ricky das Video zu beiden Versionen (engl. + span.) der neuen Single "I don't care" aufnehmen.
und nächste Woche (ab kommendem Wochenende) ist er dann in Europa.

14.07.05: Ricky wird ab August in Europa (UK) sein, um seine neue Single und die neue CD zu promoten. Ab September ist er dann zu selbigen Zwecken in Mexiko.

Die neue Single "I don't care" erscheint voraussichtlich am 19. September 2005 und das neue Album "Life" erscheint voraussichtlich im Oktober 2005.Und dann geht es los mit der Tour !!!!

Ricky arbeitete für sein neues Album mit vielen bekannten Künstlern, wie Fat Joe, Daddy Yankee, Black Eyed Peas und mit verschiedenen Produzenten wie denen von Matrix und Avril Lavigne zusammen.

Es wird einen völlig neuen Stil haben. Lassen wir uns überraschen. Reinhören in den neuen Song "I don't care" kann man im Forum. Da gibt es links zum Song.

04.06.05: Ricky Martin wurde in Washington als Held im Kampf gegen "moderne Sklaverei" geehrt: 

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin was honored as a hero in the fight against modern-day slavery, the US State Department announced.

"International superstar Ricky Martin has devoted his time, resources and energy to improving the lives of children around the world," the department said in a statement.

Martin founded an international organization, The Ricky Martin Foundation, to help exploited children and families, especially victims of human trafficking, the statement said.

"Immediately following the devastating tsunami in Thailand, Mr. Martin traveled to the region to warn people of the dangers of human trafficking and to show his concern for the country and its people.

"Lending a powerful voice to vulnerable children who are unable to speak for themselves, he's reaching tens of millions of people around the world," the statement said.

The State Department issued Friday its fifth annual "Trafficking in Persons Report," which analyzed efforts in 150 countries to combat trafficking for forced labor, prostitution and other uses.

The department focused on involuntary servitude trapping some 12.3 million people across the world, and added several states to its "Tier 3" list of worst offenders largely for failing to crack down on forced labor.

Saudi Arabia, one of the US administration's closet allies in the Middle East, was listed among the 14 "Tier 3" states that could face sanctions if they don't improve their records.

30.05.05: News von rmtee:

Ricky sprach mit RMWFC über einige Fakten:

- die neue Single wird es in englisch und spanisch geben "Que mas da", in englisch   "I don't care" und es wird auch eine spanglische Version geben
- die Single ist ein sehr sexy und sehr rhythmischer und tanzbarer Song, an dem 
Ricky mitgeschrieben hat, neben Scott Storch und Sean Garrett (schrieb für Usher)
- die Single wird ab Mitte Juni in verschiedenen Clubs live von Ricky vorgestellt.
- Ricky ist in L.A. wo er die Mixe fürs Album beendet, auf dem auch neue Duetts zu finden sind, u.a. mit den Black Eyed Peas.


24.04.05: Ricky über seine neue CD: 

"Es ist eine Art Wiedergeburt, eine Art Freiheit, es ist die Chance mit hervorragenden Künstlern wie den Black Eyed Peas zu arbeiten. Die Songs sind ncihtwie all die anderen, wie "LLVL" etc. Das sind Songs, die ich mein ganzes Leben singen werde. Aber der neue Sound von Ricky zeigt mein persönliches Wachsen mit den Risiken als Komponist und Produzent."
er sagte, er schrieb 10 Songs, zwei davon auch in spanischer Version. In den Texten geht es um Gefühle, Erforschen der Gefühle.

er verriet nicht, wann die CD raus kommt, aber er sagt, er ist mit seiner Arbeit sehr glücklich.

The new CD of Ricky Martin

Well you could say that the musical phenomenon Menudo influenced the humanitarian sensibilities of Ricky Martin. The artist assured El Nuevo Dia that he had received many calls of friends saying that they were taken back some 15 years, after the presentation of the concert EL Reencuetro. “The truth is that to see a generation like mine dancing yet to the choreography that we did on the stage in the decade of the 80’s shows that music never dies…but we are here. Its not important where one is, to talk of Menudo with men and women signifies great memories.”

And as the music never dies, we talk about the new album radiating vitality.

“My album is a rebirth, a freedom, it is the opportunity to work with the greats in music like the Black Eyed Peas…I stepped in the discothèques of Egypt, India, England and Brazil to see what is the common denominator of the sound that has people vibrating and it went well. This is the denominator, fusing the organic sounds of the body recording in Egypt and percussions of India and Brazil.”

Don’t look for La Vida Loca, She Bangs or The Cup of life. These will be songs that I will sing all my life on the stage, but the new sound of Ricky is of someone that grew as a composer, that grows as a producer and that will risk himself”.

He continued that there are 10 songs he has authored of those 2 have Spanish versions. In the lyrics he works from his Spiritual side without being predictor of how it feels to be free. It comes as an elemental surprise, from a respectful creative space, the date of release, but he appears content with the belief of what will be his next CD And in the fashion department, Martin now is the star figure of the new publicity campaign of the mega store C&A of Brazil, a country that has always identified with and which he talks their language.

11.04.05: Es ist wieder soweit:

Die "Premios Billboard de la Música Latina 2005"
am 28. April 2005

Hier kann man voten:

Premios Billboard de la Música Latina 2005

ich hoffe, das funktioniert auch.... mit dem link.

Also. auf den link klicken, in der Seite, mittig, gleich das erste oben (vorm billboard-Bild LOLOLO)
"El Premio de la Audiencia" auf ¡Vota ya! más>> klicken und dann foto suchen..... vorletzte Reihe, drittes bild von links, dat is unsRicky. auf sein Bild klicken, dann öffnet es sich und unten drunter steht "vota aqui" da drauf klicken und dann Rickys Namen suchen und DRAUFKLICKEN.

26.02.05: Nach Angaben von today's befindet sich Ricky zur Zeit in London um sein Album fertig zu stellen. Wie lange er dort bleibt ist nicht bekannt. 

13.02.05: Ricky bei den GRAMMYs als Presenter für "Best R&B-Album". Im Interview verriet er, das er und seine Crew sehr hart im Studio gearbeitet haben in den vergangenen Monaten und das das neue Album und die Tour definitiv im Juli 2005 kommen. Das ist sein Ziel! Viele viele Auftritte werden folgen für die kommenden 3 Jahre und mehr, versprach er. Und er freut sich riesig, das es los geht. 

25.01.05: (Quelle: contactmusic vom 25.01.05)


RICKY MARTIN is still struggling to come to terms with his recent trip to Thailand, after seeing the bodies of those who perished in the 26 December (04) tsunami lined up in a makeshift morgue in a mosque.

The Latin pop heart-throb was left disturbed by many things he saw in Thailand, where he was filming a documentary for OPRAH WINFREY's daytime TV show.

Martin which met many orphans during his visit - but he can't get past the images he saw of the unclaimed dead bodies.

He says, "I never thought I was going to see something like that. It was really intense.

"I've been trying to spend time alone in silence, trying to absorb the kind of pain that I've never felt in my life. My exercise is to try to look at the opposite of it and look at the beautiful things that this trip to Thailand gave me.

"I met people with such optimism; people that know what death is. People that left that behind and are ready to build. They're happy right now every time they inhale."

Martin, a long time advocate for children's charities, is now determined to make a personal impact on the aftermath of the tragedy by helping to build shelters for the kids left homeless after the tsunami.

He adds, "My mission right now is to build a housing project. My mission is to build 600 homes for 600 children."


25.01.05: (Quelle: contactmusic vom 25.01.05)


Latin pop hunk RICKY MARTIN stunned OPRAH WINFREY and her TV audience during a recent taping of her daily talk show by recounting to story of a sick pervert who had sex with a five-month-old baby.

The LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA singer, who has made it his life mission to rid the world of child prostitution and trafficking, appeared on the OPRAH show yesterday (24JAN05) to talk about the horrors he experienced during a recent trip to Thailand.

Martin visited the devastated coastal towns and cities hit by the 26 December (04) tsunami and found great joy in the story of a miracle baby, who survived the disaster, only to be sickened by stories of people trying to claim the tot for sick child prostitution rings.

He then shocked Oprah and her audience when she asked what happens to these children when they fall into the wrong hands.

He explained, "They sell them to child molesters and paedophiles. The craziest story that I've ever heard is about a man, who thank God was arrested less than a year ago, he paid $10,000 to have sex with a five-month-old baby."

As Oprah and her audience gasped, Martin continued, "I'm sorry but I need to be this raw because this is reality. This is the slavery of the new era and I am going to make sure that this is over. We have to stop this."



23.01.05: Ricky's neue CD

(Danke an Daniella, die den Artikel in TSARM postete)

Article from today's El Diario N.Y.:

Ricky Martin preparing CD of global music

Sao Paolo/EFE - Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin said yesterday in Sao Paolo that his next cd, which will be released this semester, will include music from different parts of the world, including Brazil.

"It will be different. It's going to have a worldly sound. For a long time I have tried to make good music with different influences and of course, influences from Brazil", he said during a press conference in which he was introduced as the star of the new publicity campaign for Brazil of the dutch chain of clothing and accesories store C&A.

The Latin pop star said that his time away from the stage during the last year helped him to think about his future and to make a new cd.

"I needed to leave the stage in order to evaluate my career, to be in silence, to be at home. For the first time I can say that from my silence, music was born", he added.

Ricky Martin, who just returned from Thailand, where he visited the victims of the tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia this past December 26, said that he intends to return to Brazil in February for the carnaval, and then to present his new cd.

The singer, who will replace Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen as star of the publicity spots, said that although he likes fashion, he is not vain and he said that he feels happy having been chosen to attract the consumers who are mainly women.

"The Brazilian woman has it all, a way of looking, a way of dancing, a way of walking. She has a special sensuality", said the singer among the shouts of dozens of fans who were at the press conference, done during the Sao Paolo Fashion Week, the main showcase of national fashion.


22.05.05: Brief von Ricky:

Danke an: Ricky Martin Foundation 

Dear friends,

A few days ago, I visited Thailand and the regions devastated by the tsunami.

I was in the provinces of Phucket and Phang Nga. The destructive effects caused by this natural phenomenon are indescribable, and the consequences for the future are difficult to predict.

The vulnerability of these children call us to give them a hand of hope and love. For this reason, I invite you to watch the Oprah Winfrey show, next Monday, January 24th and relive my trip to Thailand, as it was captured on film.

I invite you to learn in detail the plans of the Ricky Martin Foundation, in coordination with the Thai government, to assist the tsunami victims.

I urge you to contribute to this noble project by visiting the Ricky Martin Foundation web site. ( )

Once again, thank you for your support.

Ricky Martin


21.05.05: Ricky hielt ein Interview letzte Woche in Holland in der TV-Show "TROS". Dort sprach er über seine Erlebnisse in Thailand. Als man ihm dieses 3 Wochen alte Baby Namens "Wave" ("Welle") (siehe Foto oben) in die Arme legte, und das er seither ein anderer, ernsterer und stärkerer Mensch geworden ist. Er lebt seitdem sein Leben intensiver. Wenn er glücklich ist, dann ist er wirklich glücklich, wenn er traurig ist, dann ist er sehr traurig und denkt an das Erlebte und Gesehene. 

Er sagte, er will in den nächsten Wochen wieder nach Thailand, um den Grundstein für ein von ihm geplantes und gefördertes Heim zu legen.
Es soll ein Haus für 300 Familien mit 600 Kindern werden.



Danke an "amorypaz" und "AcoolPRican84" für's posten und übersetzen (spanisch in englisch) in TSARM

Undescribable, the horror of Ricky
January 20, 2005
Alejandro Riera

- He didn't came to promote a CD, not even to deny or confirm a gossip or a rumor.

Ricky Martin travelled to Chicago before Tuesday, to share with Oprah Winfrey the experiences that he lived during his trip to Thailand on last week. The producers of "The Oprah's Show" were along with the Puerto Rican star in his trip to that devastated country due to the tidal wave from December 26. The natural disaster left over 5000 deaths.

"It was really intense" I've been trying to spend some time along, in silence, trying to absorb the pain. A kind of pain that I had never experienced in my life", said in English to the queen of talk shows the singer of such hits as "Livin' la vida loca".

The interview will be broadcasted the next Monday, January 24, in the "Oprah's Show" at 9AM on Channel 7 WLS-TV (4PM on ABC New York; 3PM on Channel 7 in L.A.).

Martin visited Thailand as a UNICEF ambassador, president of the foundation with his name and supporter of the project People for Children. Through this initiative, the singer hopes to alert the mass about sexual exploitation and child trafficking worldwide. And due to the numbers of children that were left orphans because of the tidal wave, Thailand
got a vital importance in his mission.

According to El Nuevo Dia, of Puerto Rico, among the possible plans of action from Ricky Martin Foundation are the construction of a residential complex and a school in Thailand.

This is not the first time that Oprah takes on this tragedy in her program. Last Monday, Oprah interviewed the interior designer Nate Berkus, a frequent guest on her show. Berkus
and his companion, Fernando Bengoechea, were in vacations in Sri Lanka when the tidal wave made impact on the island. They were able to hold from a telephone post but a second wave separated them. Bengoechea is still missing up until today.



"April1964" schrieb ihre Erlebnisse in TSARM über die Oprah Winfrey Show am 18.01.05:
Danke an April1964.
Das war mein Erlebnis.

Ricky sagte bei Oprah Winfrey über die neue CD:
"Single im März, Album im April"
Man weiß nicht, wo Beides zuerst rauskommt.

Er ist so wunderbar!
Die Haare sind jetzt kürzer als auf den letzten Fotos.
KEIN Bart mehr, glatt rasiert.
Schwarzes T-Shirt unterm schwarzen Hemd, schwarzes Jackett, graue Hosen, schwarze Schuhe.

Sie zeigten zuerst ein Video der vergangenen Tage in Thailand.
Er wurde mit Standing Ovations begrüßt. Man spürte das große Charisma von Ricky, das alle ergreift. Er kam mit der gewohnten Repräsentanz der Bühne, mit großer Anmut. 

Oprah startete das Gespräch "Wo warst Du Ricky?"
Ricky antwortete, das er nach 20jähriger Bühnenarbeit eine Auszeit benötigte. Er will das Kind in sich wiederfinden und sucht nach Ruhe.
Sie fragte, durch was er so bodenständig blieb.
Ricky hat wundervolle Freunde und Familie, die ihm dabei sehr helfen und ihn bei allem unterstützen.

So auch seine Arbeit als UNICEF-Botschafter und die Zeit mit seinen kleinen Mädchen hilft ihm, die ihn immer wieder zurückholen.
Er sprach über die Mädchen.
Wie er sie fand, und wie er ihre Mama fragte, ob er sie mitnehmen darf zur PfC-Foundation.
Wie dankbar sie darüber war, das er ihre Mädchen aus dem Elend holte und sie sagte: "Sie können meine Kinder mitnehmen, wenn Sie dafür bezahlen."

Das war ein sehr bewegender Moment.

Er erwähnte, das die Mädchen junge Frauen werden sollten, so wie sie sein sollten.
Alle nervös gemacht, hob Ricky seine Hände und sagte "OH - Sie wissen wie es gemeint ist"!
sehr süß!

Das war einer der Höhepunkte der Show. Er ist so wunderbar, in seinem Herzen und auch vom Aussehen. Ohne respektlos zu wirken.

Sie zeigten einen Film über die zerstörten Städte, sie kamen zu den Leuten und fragten sie, ob sie ihre Geschichte mit ihnen teilen könnten. Alles verwüstet! Wir werden nie das gesamte
Ausmass dieser Katastrophe verstehen! Eine Welle, die ihr Leben zerstörte, Häuser und Familien

Ricky sagte, daß er nie wieder derselbe sein wird und man kann es ihm auch ansehen.

Oprah fragte Ricky nach dem Wax Yan Yao Tempel, der zu einer riesigen Leichenhalle umfunktioniert wurde.
Man zeigte einen Film über Ricky, wie er in diesen Tempel ging, und das er dem Prozess im Tempel beiwohnte, wenn die Körper von den Familienmitgliedern identifiziert und abgeholt werden.
Die Filmcrew folgte ihm nicht, aus Respekt.
Ricky kann über das Erlebte im Tempel nicht sprechen und weiß nicht, ob er überhaupt jemals darüber sprechen kann.

Ees war ein sehr bewegender Moment. Alle hatten Tränen in den Augen, besonders Ricky.

(und ich nur schon beim Übersetzen)

Man konnte sehen, es war einer der härtesten Momente für Ricky und in dem Moment auch für das Publikum. Die Herzen entflammten für ihn.

Zitat April1964: "Ich dachte, daß dieses der härteste Moment sein würde, die ich als Fan mit ihm haben würde."



14.01.05: ZDF "Leute heute" vom 14.01.2005

Sänger mit Herz: Ricky Martin ist auf die zerstörte thailändische Insel Phuket gereist, um herauszufinden, wie seine Stiftung vor Ort am besten helfen kann. Nachdem er die dramatischen Fernsehbilder gesehen habe, habe er "nicht einfach zu Hause bleiben und die Hände in den Schoss legen" können, so Martin. "Es geht besonders um die verletzlichsten Opfer - die Kinder", so der Puertoricaner, der sich bei seinem Besuch in einem Waisenhaus zärtlich um ein Thai-Baby kümmerte.

13.01.05: Ricky in Phuket: Artikel aus Phuket-Zeitschriften:

Ricky Martin visits Phuket - articles
Phuket Gazette

Ricky Martin was, predictably, the center of media attention at Phuket Provincial Hall this morning.

PHUKET CITY: Latin American pop singer Ricky Martin arrived in Phuket this morning and met with Interior Minister Bhokin Bhalakula this afternoon at the Phuket Provincial Hall.

The Puerto Rican idol, on his first trip to the island, is here to provide assistance to orphaned survivors of the tsunami.

K. Bhokin, who conferred with the singer in private, said that the singer said he had found the kindness of Thai people similar to that of people in his native Puerto Rico.

“He wants to help with rebuilding schools or providing homes for orphaned children. He has also expressed a desire to donate educational equipment to students,” he said, adding that the Foreign Affairs Ministry would coordinate the aid effort with the Ricky Martin Foundation.

The Foundation was established to prevent sexual exploitation of children.

Following the meeting the singer went off to tour parts of the island affected by the tsunami. _________________________________________________

Ricky Martin to help orphans
Published on January 13, 2005

Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin-the first Western celebrity to come to the Kingdom and assist charities involved in tsunami relief-met yesterday morning with Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to give his condolences regarding the country’s losses.

Martin also offered to help children orphaned by the tsunami. However, he did not state the amount of his donation, saying that he would go to affected areas first before donating or providing assistance in the name of the Ricky Martin Foundation, said deputy government spokesman Yuranan Pamornmontree.

Martin also met and held a press conference yesterday with Foreign Minister Surakiart Sathirathai.

Martin said he had come to the Kingdom to represent the Latin American people and that his foundation supported abused children and orphanages.

He said he would help children whose parents died in the disaster and campaign against the trafficking and abuse of children.

The star added that he was in Thailand because he has felt connected to the country since a visit 10 years ago. He plans to visit victims and volunteers in Phuket and Phang Nga to assess the situation before setting up a project to help the victims, which could include the building of schools or orphanages.

Surakiart said that human trafficking had not yet been a problem following the disaster, and that now would be a good time for the Ricky Martin Foundation to lend a hand in the campaign against the trade in children.


10.01.05: vom 10.01.04:

Ricky Martin engagiert sich in Thailand
Sorge um Waisenkinder

Latino-Popstar Ricky Martin wird die Flutgebiete in Thailand besuchen und sich dort um Waisenkinder und besonders schwer betroffene Familien kümmern, wie das Außenministerium in Bangkok mitteilte.

Die Stiftung des puertoricanischen Sängers engagiert sich seit Jahren im Kampf gegen die Ausbeutung von Kindern. "Martin kommt aus persönlicher Sorge nach Thailand, er will bei der Mobilisierung ausländischer Unterstützung helfen", sagte Außenamtssprecher Sihasak Phuangketkeow. Seine Ankunft in Bangkok werde am Mittwoch erwartet. Es sei noch nicht entschieden, ob Ricky Martin auch ein Konzert geben werde.

08.01.05: Ricky besucht ab 10.01.04 Thailand (Bangkok) mit UNICEF und andere Tsunami-betroffene Länder, um im Namen von PfC und UNICEF den Opfern des Tsunami vor Ort zu helfen.

hier das CNN-Interview vom 06.01.2005 (Danke an Anita von TSARM, die es dort gepostet hat):

HUGH RIMINTON: We're talking about child abduction in the camps in the aftermath of this tsunami disaster, the first confirmed case coming out of Banda Aceh, a four year old boy who was actually taken out of a hospital by a couple who were not his parents but claimed to be so. Now, millions of people around the world are familiar with the singer, Ricky Martin. They may not be aware that he has had a foundation devoted to the cause of stopping child exploitation for many years. He joins us now from Miami. "Ricky Martin, what is it that most concerns you about this pernicious business at this time?"

RICKY MARTIN: "Well, this is the biggest problem society is facing at the moment. We're talking about an industry that is moving $7 billion dollars a year. It's something that is happening all over the world. Unfortunately, with situations like this...I'm talking about the tsunami...children become very, very vulnerable. For example, in Thailand 600,000 children that are victims of the tsunami are orphans at the moment and these children will be perfect prey for traffickers. Traffickers abduct them and these children will be forced into prostitution, will be forced into child pornography, and any kind of sexual exploitation is really sad. We need to do something about it and that's why I'm here today. I've been working with this issue for many years now. The Ricky Martin Foundation created a project called 'People for Children' and this is our mission."

HUGH RIMINTON: "If we step back, Ricky Martin, from this particular tsunami disaster and look at it as a global issue that pre-existed the disaster, where are the main flows of children prior to the tsunami?"

RICKY MARTIN: "It's incredible but it's...I'm sorry, but can you repeat the question again?"

HUGH RIMINTON: "Yeah. I'm basically trying to find out, if you go before the tsunami, what was the main problem with child exploitation in terms of where the main flows have been?"

RICKY MARTIN: "Exactly. Yeah, it's all over the world. Child pornography is the biggest...pornography and child prostitution is the biggest problem at the moment. A couple of months ago a child...a man was arrested in Latin America for paying $10,000 for having sex with a five month old baby. This is something that needs to be stopped. It's really scarey. What needs to be done? Well, you know, governments and private sectors need to get together. They need to start working with unity and we need to even possibly start know, we need to start creating laws and maybe changing some constitutions out there. It's incredible the work that needs to be done."

HUGH RIMINTON: "Are you satisfied...we're just heard from the UNICEF Executive Director, Carol Bellamy...are you satisfied that the U.N. and those agencies are sufficiently geared up to provide the protection that's needed in the tsunami region at the moment?"

RICKY MARTIN: "They're doing an outstanding job. I'm really happy. Hopefully next Monday I will be traveling to Bangkok with UNICEF. They are helping me get together with law enforcement officers and government officials. Of course, I will be face-to-face and work with the victims and we need to start educating about this issue. Everybody. Everybody is a victim, not only the children but also us as citizens of this planet."

HUGH RIMINTON: "Could this, Ricky, develop into something positive out of this in that it has raised it to a level of knowledge that means that people may be more aware of it, more attuned to it, more able to stop child exploitation of this kind in the future?"

RICKY MARTIN: "Definitely. I've been working with this issue for two years now and's such a dark subject that people tend to go into denial. It's so horrible to even think that a child can be forced into prostitution that sometimes we just want to turn the page and not even think about this problem. Unfortunately, because of this tsunami..unfortunately and/or luckily because of this tsunami, people are aware of this and you don't understand...the People for website has had so many hits these days. People are wanting and needing to inform themselves of this issue."

HUGH RIMINTON: "Okay, Ricky Martin in Miami. Thank you very much for joining us."

RICKY MARTIN: "Thank you."







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