Ricky ist wieder in Brasilien zu Aufnahmen eines weiteren Werbespots für C&A.
Als er im Januar in Brasilien war, gab er ein Interview. Aber man weiß nicht, ob es nicht schon älter ist. Aber egal, es ist ein recht interessantes Interview.

Danke an Angel, die es für TSARM aus dem Portugiesischen ins Englische übersetzte.

Wer Zeit hat, darf es gerne ins Deutsche übersetzen, für alle die, die es nicht so mit dem Englischen haben.
Ich weiß nicht, wann ich dazu komme.


Name: Enrique Martin
Birth date: 12/24/71, in Puerto Rico
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Weight: 72kg (159lb)
Height: 1.83m (6' 0"
Eye color: Brown
Tattoo: On the left arm, from the shoulder to the elbow. A design of the four elements - water, earth, fire and air - in the body of a woman.
Lucky charm: A Buddhist necklace of Tibetan bones, blessed by the Dalai Lama.
Mania: "I have to look the feet of people, it's almost a fetish"
Idols: "I admire Gandhi a lot (the heroe of India's independence)"
Most notable characteristic: "I'm a hard worker. I'm a protector, a fair person. I hate injustice"


"He's so educated and a gentleman, I love the way he dances. I'm his fan" - Christina Aguilera

"He's a very talented artist, the best of his generation" - Bono (U2)

"To imagine his success, you have to imagine a success and multiply it by two" - Xuxa

"I went to see him on his 'Livin' la vida loca' show, and I was astonished" - Julia Roberts

"I love him since long time ago, since the Menudo time" - Angelica

"I think that in another life I was Latin, since when I saw him on the Grammys, I was fascinated" - Madonna


You're a big sex symbol. What do you think about it?
Huummmmmm. Madonna is a sex symbol, Elvis Presley too. Being a sex symbol has nothing bad on it, I think... I shouldn't regret what I have. I'm a very thankful human being.

What does a woman has to do to conquer you?
I'm full of contradictions, because I like the seducer and secure woman, but I also find the beauty in a woman on the opposite side, where she doesn't seems interested in me, apparently. I like the sexy woman, with good legs, her chest, dress in a provocative way, but at the same time I like the type of woman that dresses in a discrete way that doesn't even looks at you. It's a matter of timing.

What type of clothes do you like to see on women?
Mini-skirts. It's because I love the legs of a woman. On winter, I love the combination of a mini-skirt with boots that reach their knees. It's very sexy. And also, a woman on high heels, I also love it. In regards of the color of the clothes, I prefer black. And also the tones alike to the colors of the ground.

Do you have a preference for blondes, brunettes, black...?
It would be difficult to live with so many limitations. I love all of them.

Talk a bit about the Brazilian woman.
The first thing that comes to my mind is that music: "Brazilian women on first place...". I think I've answered it, right?

Who are the most beautiful women of the world?
I would place the actress, Isabella Rosselini in first place. Full of class, full of talent, with such an incredible inner strength. On the other side, I also like Michelle Pfeifer because of her talent and because she's so sensual, and precisely because of that, because she doesn't tries to be sensual.

Do you approve the plastic surgery?
I need a self-secure woman to my side. Happy with herself. If the surgery helps, why not?

Are you in a relationship now?
Right now, yes. I'm fine, as I should be. It's a very strong woman, she's Scorpio, firm and self-secure. She's Mexican. But I try to keep for myself my personal life...

What is the best and the worst things on fame?
The best is everything that you see. The worst, the papparazzi.

What has been the rarest situation that you went through because of a fan?
A girl, once, entered to my room, through the air conditioner in New York. Spider Woman! She kept herself hidden under the bed. And of course, I took a picture with her.

Do you think in getting married and have children?
Someday, of course. I don't know about getting married, but I'm sure I will have my children.

What do you pretend to teach to your child?
Self-respect and to fight for what you want. I love my dad because he allowed me to do what I wanted, even though he know I wouldn't succeed in some moments. With success or failure, people grows. I wouldn't limit the life of my child, because that way you learn the importance of being realistic.

You have been in Brazil many times. How does it feels to be here?
I can spend a whole day talking about the wonderful things that I feel here. I feel comfortable, I could even live in Brazil. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro was a 'before and then' in my life. I love the Brazilian music. I like Caetano Veloso's. I knew a bit of Renato Russo's music, and I worked the Spanish version of one of his songs that was wonderful. I was also with Carlinhos Brown on his home in Bahia. Those were four days of beautiful music.

What is your feeling about joining the new campaign of C&A?
It's an honor for me, since C&A always did a good job and it's at the vanguard of fashion. The staff is very professional and the pictures and filming went the way it should have happened: with a lot of work and a lot of professionalism! Now I do have a family here in Brazil and in C&A.

How is your dressing style on the day-to-day?
I'm casual, comfortable. I come from an island, and in the island we're comfortable, there's the sun, the beach... I like a good t-shirt, my favorite on clothing is a shirt that I have from five years ago.

How do you take care of yourself?
I eat everything, that's a problem. I don't have discipline. My favorite dish is the Caribbean. Meat, rice, lots of grains. But I do like to do exercises. Lately, I've been having capoeira classes and lots of cardiovascular exercises, such as jogging and cycling.

How is a normal day for you?
Normally I try to wake up early in the morning to do exercises and meditation, and then, literally, I lock myself in the studio to do music.

Have you been on the "low-key" lately?
Not really... lately, I prefer to be in silence. The spirituality is my major concern. I'm meditating, practicing yoga, knowing a bit more about Buddhism. That's what brings serenity to me to face the success without turning myself crazy...

What have you learned with Buddhism?
Buddha's teaching are very simple, you don't have to break your head to understand the message. The part that I like the most from Buddha's teachings and from His Holiness, Dalai Lama, is that the most powerful weapon is to not attack, to be able to have self control.

What's your biggest dream?
I don't want to dream anymore, I want my life to be real!


A UNICEF ambassador, Ricky Martin has as its goal to end with the sexual exploitation around the world. Through his foundation - the NGO People for Children - he acts on fighting the sexual exploitation, as in the slavery work as in the sexual commerce, denouncing the cases of abuse, prostitution, trafficking and slavery around the world and also educating the people about how we can avoid such crimes.

Recently named a UNICEF ambassador, Ricky Martin travelled to Thailand, where he visited the families of the victims and the children that survived the tsunami on December 26, ready, as always, to help.



Weil es so schön ist, und wieder zeigt, das Ricky Martin nur in Deutschland als dumm, traurig und depressiv dargestellt wird, dachte ich mir, diese Interviews haben eine eigene Kategorie verdient:


Interview aus dem Magazin OCEAN DRIVE EN ESPANOL…September Issue 2003

(Danke an ekelly von TSARM für's posten und übersetzen.)

Chapter 12: Ricky Martin: He is the brilliant star as always, but now with a look more rocker, adjustable pants, t-shirts, leather boots, and with 3 big silver rings,( none of which is an engagement ring ) and a new attitude about life….

In a corner of Miami, Beach, a few blocks from Lincoln Road, the group of journalists is like you see at Home Depot before a hurricane. But in this case, its not a crazy phenomenon of nature… All have come on one mission impossible: To speak to the newly returned Ricky Marin, after almost a 3 year retirement, during which the Puerto Rican of LLVL found again his inner peace, recharged his batteries and recorded his 12th album (in a modern and millionaire studio, built in his new home) studied parachuting, traveled the beach to the deserts of the US, from Miami to California in a motor home. “I rented it myself and drove it myself. It took me 2 weeks. I sang, I laughed a lot, and found different people along the way, I also had many moments of silence and it helped me to get my thoughts in order.”

Showing a new look for his 30’s, Ricky talked with enthusiasm about his life, his latest album, , where he lives and sings each of the songs with great passion. The lyrics speak of his life, peace, sensuality and harmony. Dominated by ballads and distinct rhythms from those that came before like Maria, La Copa de la Vida, and of course Livin La Vida Loca.

But Ricky is Ricky! He still keeps the same image which captivates and enchants the masses.

Before sitting down with us, he breaks the silence with “What do you think of my new look?”

ODE: What a question. What do you say to a star when one is not up to date on the latest fashion trends. “Well, if you like the colors….”…Of course others might have said “it’s the best!”…

 What did you feel when you left the stage behind to rest and live a life not so crazy?
RM: The first day I didn’t have an agenda, I felt this incredible anxiety…I made my bed, cleaned the pool, and went out to play with my dogs. But I also went to visit the computer about 3 or 4 times to check my schedule….and it was empty! Then I felt guilty and a failure for not doing anything. Then, I rethought the story and that I was living for a past vacation and that the wish to go back…back to before, as an artist and a human being. When I left the stage, my life had entered such craziness and at some point it becomes automatic. When you don’t have a personality and all is ‘yes’. Yes, I want to work. Fortunately I had to return to myself for a bit.

 Did you think of retirement?

RM: Yes, I can’t deny it. I could take myself down, but then I though “I am going to spend time thinking what I have done, seeing what matters most to me. The good and the bad” Well, I passed the test, and today I feel more myself.

 When you thought of retiring, was it the media that had something to do with it?
RM: Yes, something. You know what its like to sit in a press conference and the first thing you are asked is “why do you become such a gringo and no longer like Latin’s?’ But gentlemen, how can you say something like this, when the only thing I have done in the last few years is to speak about them in places where they have no idea of who we are?

And today if I asked you the same question?

RM: The important thing is that my people know who I am. You may laugh and I won’t respond the same, because I am more tranquil these days, Thanks to a lot of spiritual work, more talkative, and as I said before, surround myself with silence.

How do you do it? To become a super success, later erase yourself from the map like a ghost ,and then later reappear surrounded by success again.
RM: (Smiles) This is just the basis of success. For me at least it works. I know when I need to get away from the fire before it burns me. Although I learned this by hard knocks, after working and working so compulsively. Today I act a little more logically, and take sufficient time for my family and friends…or to be completely alone, meditating. Now at least I tell myself “time is like gold” and I enjoy it to the maximum.

 Did you burn yourself?

RM: There is always so much heat about me that of course I got burned. For this I had to stop and find myself…As I said to Ocean Drive in one of your covers.. “Ricky Martin hides in Miami”

 Every time you return to the work, you reappear with a new and different look?

RM: To change yourself is life! Imagine if I was the same person I was in 1992.…How boring? Artists are able to express themselves like we want to.. It’s good to make changes..

Who came up with the new hairstyle?

RM: I have a lot of people around me that know the fashion trends.

But you always have the last say?

RM: How nice of you to ask! Of course, I will never do something that I don’t like myself.

Who are your best friends?

RM: I feel like a millionaire when we talk of friends, not because I have millions, but because I have very great friends, and I can count them on one hand.

 You have kept your childhood friends?
RM: All of them

That is lovely, you haven’t forgotten your oldest friendships…

RM: Part of the success we are talking about is to be always in contact with the child that lives inside of ourselves. For this sometimes I open my photo albums of little Ricky , to look through his eyes….and what always impressed me where the simple things in life. And those that were around me and still are around me.

You have contact with your parents?

RM: Totally. My mother is in Miami now, visiting with me

 I heard that things are not so good with your father?

RM: Every family has their ups and downs. And sometimes divided opinions. But today he and I get along great.

ODE: When will you get married?
RM: With whom (he smiles)

 Maybe you have hidden away a girlfriend very well. I don’t want to have you give names, that would be yellow journalism..

RM: don’t’ worry, they always invent rumors. You want the truth? I am not yet ready for marriage, but my wish is to have a companion and to be a father to children, of this I am sure, I will not leave this world without leaving behind my seed.

 What is your ideal woman?

RM: For what? (smiles)

 Well to get married!
RM: She has to be intense. Know how to get what she wants and go and get it. Also, for a woman to win my heart, she has to have simple ‘spontaneity’.

---------Part II
 Are you very religious?

RM: I am , in my own fashion. For example, I read the Bible, everyday you find something new. But I also do it with the heart and all the writings of Buddha. What I am looking for is peace. When I walk in a temple it is not to adore an image. I also go to Catholic Mass. To say, I am not caught in the fanaticism of a messenger when there are so many that have give us such beautiful things. I believe in God, God is One, and Messengers thee are many.

May I ask how it is possible that after so much success in musicals, and a role on General Hospital; Hospital and the Play Les Mis on Broadway, why you haven’t yet debuted in the movie?

RM: I Left GH with many insecurities. I had some very good reviews but didn’t want to do it anymore. When I have a role in Hollywood It has to be one that lets you see a Ricky Martin that you have never seen before. I want to do a real character that I could personify, like a great historical person. They are always bringing me scripts to read, but then they haven’t yet found one that has gotten my attention. I don’t feel yet prepared to make the big leap to movies. Today I am a singer, but yet I have time to explore it! I promise….

 Why these big changes in your music. Why did you leave LLVL for a romantic era?
RM: I can’t be dancing and leaping all over the stage all the time. For sure the public would tire of it. But this, they really aren’t that many changes as much as an evolution. Remember I grew up on a little island that has been influenced by so many different musical styles., Not just one. I n the middle of all these rhythms, I adopted a style that is mine for a moment. I began to play and work with more Latin Sounds with Maria in 1992 and after with fusion of rock and Latin and I am continuing evolving-- to say you have to open wide your horizons, nobody can stand still forever in their life.

 Is there a place in the world where you have never sung and would like to go?
RM : My music has been all over-- in cities least known and corners of the world almost forgotten!

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

RM>: Many! For example in Peking, they almost made me a hostage. When I finished my concert and left the stage, the Chinese police made me return because ‘the public would like you to keep singing’…And so I sang the longest version of Maria ever- 25 minutes, they couldn’t understand a word, but they kept dancing.

The success, has it gone to your head?
RM: No, its not an easy battle to not let success go to your head, but to be always on the ground, I get help from my family, my grandfather, and my friends.

 If you read a musical book in the 20th century, will you be in it
RM: Of course! Maybe my response doesn’t seem modest, but it should be a good chapter.

ODE: Where will you be at Christmas?

RM: In Puerto Rico---and look, they will pay me 3 times the price for a show at Christmas, but it doesn’t interest me, I would rather



Hier ist das KLVE-Radio-Interview vom 22.07.03 in Los Angeles. Tausend Dank an Ellen (ekelly) von TSARM, die das gesamte Interview aufschrieb.

Ricky Martin - KLVE vom 22.07.2003

Omar: And now the moment has arrived. Here is Ricky Martin. Welcome Ricky- How are you man?

RM: How are you? (Can hear the gal kissing him )
Ricky: Good Good

Omar: Is this your first time in our new studio?
RM: Yes, its great, its nice
Omar: Our "Juan Gabriel Studio"

RM: Yes, its great, I like it--I am here enjoying Los Angeles for a little bit, and Greetings to those watching on the internet

O: Looks like you got a little sleep?
R: They are all watching us on the internet?
O: Yes, of course! You are here to shoot your new video?
RM: No, it hasn't started yet tomorrow- at 3 in the morning--in a few more hours--no I got some sleep
O: What are you drinking?--there is a Ricky Martin bonbon special?
RM: Because you have to shake your bonbon
O: Ok, lets talk about the new album, Almas del Silencio. And of course let’s spend a minute remembering Celia Cruz, who is being honored in New York today. We wanted to play one of your songs in memory of Celia .
RM: Great idea, you pick it.
O: Raza de Mil Colores- yesterday I was listening to your album and it seemed the best to me.
RM: This song is a celebration of fusion, of cultural union, and something all of us carry in our blood. And here it is on KLVE, 107.5
O: I love your interpretation of this song Ricky
RM: Its not hard, its in my blood!


O: It doesn't lack for the drums!
RM: I think its the African influence that is always there. And in Puerto Rico it is very strong and very native from childhood.
O: Speaking of children, growing up Ricky. You grew up in San Juan with your parents.

RM: Yes, in San Juan, my parents were divorced.
O: Did you live with your mother or your father
RM: In reality, I lived where I wanted to.
O: But your childhood, was it normal?
RM: Until I was 12. When I joined Menudo...
O: Was your entry into Menudo casual or was it your mothers idea?
RM: My mother never pushed me, nor my father either, to be an artist. When I wanted to take singing lessons, or acting lessons or auditions, my father let me, he supported me.
O: He let you?
RM: Its a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing
SHE: No one in your family was an artist?
RM: No, no one else
O: So where is it born from
RM: Its something inside of me--a drop of something
O: Something magical?
RM: Laughs...
O: Is there something you missed from your childhood?

RM: Detached?....At the first part of my career...a lot of nostalgia. Something I missed of Puerto Rico when I think of Boricua, I missed the food, the people, the air you breathe in your neighborhood, your friends, I began to run so fast just to keep my self occupied. Its been a long time.

O: Many years. Those years that you were in Menudo since 12 years old. 5 years and you were forced to leave?
RM: I entered the group in 1984 and for 5 years, later I left the group because I needed to leave the group. I was 17 years old--it had been 5 years of living a lot. But in 1989 I wanted to stop- it didn't motivate me anymore.

O: You needed to be alone?
RM: Yes, I needed to disconnect for awhile. It was very intense those first five years of my career.

O: At 12 you started traveling...
RM> One day I was riding my bicycle and the next I was learning and training to prepare to go to Brazil for a show. But I was ready for it. I think I did a good job. And the love of the group and the people that worked with 5 boys....and in respect- they were always there...It was a lot of work
O: Listen, all those boys from Menudo....where are they now?

SHE: Rene, Johnny.....
RM: Rene is living in Miami.
SHE: .................
RM: He is also living in Miami. He is a police official.
O: You never talk to them or keep in touch?
RM- No, not really
O: You miss them?
RM= what about? For nothing....
O: But isn't that strange, you worked and lived with them so closely?
RM: Well I think we each had our own path. We all focused differently and moved on.

SHE: Did you see the "Reencuentro"

O: Oh, you didn't participate in that. You were too busy touring at the time?
RM: Yes, it went well though in Puerto Rico and Central America-- very successful. I think it was very well received and remembered. All that we lived was great memories.

O: You don't want to go back and re-live the past?
RM: Well, what happened in 1989....
O: Its difficult
RM: You could drive yourself crazy. I live one day at a can't focus on eternity, you have to worry about today.
O: So, we are here today listening to Almas del is JALEO.

RM: This song has a lot of success in Europe and it is in my native language and It doesn't matter, they like it! Here it is on KLVE..107.5


Part II

This is Ricky Martin in KLVE, 107.5
She: I want to know, what is JALEO?

RM: Its an explosion of emotion according to the 'gypsies', you can be happy, and feel it here, in your chest
SHE: Like little butterflies?
RM: Yes, but also when you are angry
She: Be careful...
RM: Yes, careful
O: And when you are hungry, right Ricky?
RM: Laughs, yes
O: Like when you are in Puerto Rico--you know?
RM Asi
O: Lets see, the video you are making is Jaleo or another?
RM: Jaleo was filmed in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. We will be filming Juramento. WE have mixed different sounds of Asia.

RM: Tonight we are going to the desert. At 3 in the morning. We will have 2 days of filming and working hard.

O: Is there a girl in the video? laughing
R: well
O: With Ricky Martin, there is always a girl
RM> Yes, a marvelous woman
O: The Matrix?
RM: Prepare yourself...
She: Who picks them?
RM: Me...its chemistry

back from commercial

O: Its Ricky Martin talking of his latest video and going to the desert.--there is a model?
RM: listen to me- with all due respect we have to pick one--there has to be chemistry and someone of course , very Latin.....

She: when did you do this:
RM. at 2 in the afternoon on .......ddd,d,d,d,d,.......blvd... (He didn't disclose any locations info...devilish man)
O: Lets listen to this song. John Secada helped on this song.
RM: John ssecada wrote it and we worked with various others. We wanted to play with it like Bella/ She's all I ever exchange of ideas. Many colleagues work and have success and think all we do is have success. But to work is also to learn

O: You talk of the process and learning from such great people and always giving
RM: Yes, there is a DVD that talks of all the process and what went into creating this album. And here we are on KLVE 107.5 with Juramento from my latest album ADS..


RM: Something romantic from Ricky Martin on KLVE 107.5-- you know what I don't have is the time, the hour.......
O: Its 9:01p This album is loaded with rhythm Ricky.

RM: You know one think I can't do is be quiet. I need the adrenaline, the eufohoria,, the fire that I bring from my land. But also we have ballads.
O: Yes, like Juanes song, its very rich
RM: Important in my life to internalize and play with see better, to feel...Many years on the stage and touring, it became very automatic to me. When I stopped to write this music it was hard, painful..
O: More than 2 years to calm yourself of your Livin La Vida Loca years--never those years did you ever consider quitting?

RM: Yes, on various occasions I thought about it, the frustration, not ultimately...but starting at age 12 and I have frustrations. The obsession of being in control and wanting to be accepted and all the bad things.

O: You need all this as an artist to feel good?

RM: What I need....(tape lost here. sorry)

O: You don't think you lived La Vida Local in a good way.....fame, fortune, money?

RM: I think that there are highs and lows in everyone's life and its marvelous, its makes you grow. But then there are moments that are frustrating.

She: You have been to the depths a couple of times/
RM: Yes, and I don't repent it....move is too short. to dwell

O: For 2 years you recharged your battery, what did you do ?
RM: Many things. I was writing and working in my studio. Recording in my home. Get up from bed and go down and record in my own home and I was working with a foundation that rescues girls from the streets. The other face of love.

OM: Lets pause a minute- KLVE
RM: Wait I want to finish it....KLVE 107l....I was in India rescuing girls (KLVE 107.5) he laughs...and says "I am a frustrated announcer!
I was working for a philanthropic organization- we are also starting with Ricky Martin Foundation the People for Children and we will be fighting against child prostitution and trafficking.
O: I heard that you might have received some death threats? Is that true?

RM: Many enemies--that work in that industry. That work to break the spirit of children....they are very different. Many don't want to hear about it because its a painful subject. But little by little we want to educate what the reality is of that which happens in these places. Worse that the drug war.

O: Taking of children, this song of Ricardo Arjona talks about the 'child intact that I was"
RM: Thanks- I was in these 2 years returning to my childhood, I have intact the same person inside. The worst that can happen to a human being in obsessing about work and career and stage is that I forgot about the little Ricky, and its complicated.

O: Did you talk about this to Arjona all through a night? This song he wrote doesn't it make you feel naked--because it tells so much about your feelings and life?

She; Almost like a confession...
RM: I think that there are emotions inside everyone that are hidden inside, and nobody can see them, but it seems my face can't lie, and yes we talked a lot. He is a poet of music and he did a great job translating my life story.

RM: And here is RM in KLVE introducing 'ASIGNAUTRA PENDIENTE form ADS- enjoy it..
O: Essssssssssso.!


O: Mi boricua, mi india, mi amor
She: you live better on the land....what do you feel for India?

RM: To look for your center, your focus, the floor. I Started traveling at 12 and flying, flying, flying--literally-- and all the applause. and the 'your good'--you are flying too high all the time...sometimes its painful. I needed to find a balance, to grow spiritually....not to have tunnel vision and to find God. I couldn't travel and not learn of other philosophies that have been around so long. I have been to places where there are so many different philosophies and ideas of life.
O: You grew up in a Catholic home?
RM: 107.5 klve (he is really milking the commercial effect...his voice is cute)

RM: Yes, its true, I was an altar boy for many years.
O: I call attention to your being Catholic have you changed your religion from your family...or just accepted other philosophies
RM: There are so many religions philosophies and you do it to find people. There are not limitations You don't go for the negatives. I think there are many messengers-- Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad,-- but on only one GOD who enlightens all.

O" You practice Buddhism? Its the best philosophy>?

O: Back to ADS...This next song was written for you by Juanes. SI TU TE VAS

RM: He is great. We talked of this painful feeling of detaching from what you love.


O: Lets continue with questions....I understand you have an appointment with a hairdresser later?
She: you look very sexy with your cap!

part 3

O: Ricky Martin is here this am in our studio (Ricky makes some funny sounds with his mouth and his hands are pounding the desk at the same time apparently) You are making this noise to make your return to India?

RM: I am going Friday to Australia, the Hong Kong, China, Korea, Thailand and Bangkok and back to Europe again. I am very content! You know the music industry is going through an important time what with the pirates and all. Almas del Silencio will be the first album to be released in 36 countries that aren't Spanish speaking countries and for me its history and I am going to all these countries to tell them who we are. In six weeks we have sold 2 million copies and the pirates don't have it yet!

O: So much responsibility...and so many countries, how do you do it?

RM: I am ready! I am surrounded by great people, positive, beautiful people with lots of passion. Not only me in front of the camera, but behind is my team that I have worked with for many years, and I give them a lot of credit.

O> How has this two years changed you don't arrive at that low point again?

RM: First to last, its important to me, the day, the moment...I analyze my itinerary with my company---and I am doing the necessary things. Its hard for me to say no to people. I have always wanted to please everyone.

O: How can you say no?--- You said the problem was about 'yes, yes, yes"
RM: I tell you its not like that....I want the public to see that I am very content. That what comes from my mouth is what is good.


O: Almas Del Silencio with Ricky Martin, exclusively on KLVE-----So much rhythm?
Hey Ricky, they all tell me that you are thinner-- is that true?

RM: No, no its not true. I am hiding it behind the desk.
O: You like the donuts?--- you don't have the same activity-- How do you take care of your eating requirements when you are traveling from country to country..
RM: No no, I don’t worry as much as they would like me to..
RM: On my tour of 2 1/2 years for the Livin La vide Loca I was on stage an hour and a half five nights a week. 5 concerts that are so physical. Then when I went to my house I ate and ate and ate...But I am very lucky. The promotion and doing the smaller appearances. I am very lucky.

O: When you go to Mexico you eat ?
RM: I have to have Al Pastor. When you go to Mexico you have to eat.

O: Speaking of Mexico Ricky, what has it meant to you?

RM: Its the first of many things for me. First I had the opportunity to do television. Alcanzar Con una Estrella- Telenovelas. And I got to work in theatre with Angelica Vale. And thanks to the education they gave me that allowed me to go on to do theatre on Broadway, Les Miserable...and how sing and dance and to sweat in front of an audience night after night. And of course my music. That was the first to listen to my solo records. IN Mexico was my first solo days.

O: Lets see if you remember this Ricky (Juego de Ajedrez plays in the background)
RM: mmmmmmm It first #1 song on the radio in Mexico for Ricky Martin and it became #1 all over in popularity.

O: It was for the Telenovela.
RM: Yes it was in the telenovela and I love the reaction of the people. It was a great success. It was a beautiful period, Munecos de Papel, I worked with Bibi Gayton, Sasha, Angelica Vale

O: Another (Plays Popotitos in the background)
RM> Its a tribute to---------and Rock and Roll in Mexico

O: And how are you in the area of the heart?
RM: It beats like having chocolate
O: And the name Rebeca de Alba?
RM: Why this question
O: 14 years= how does that happen- How do you find this happening
RM: These things aren't planned --the arrows fall where they fall
O: Was it an arrow...or friendship?
RM: Rebeca has always been there for me. Has it been 14 years?
O: Yes, you see a beautiful woman when you are young and wow?
RM: I don't know. There is such a chemistry between us. After just five minutes of talking to her, I gave her a kiss. and to this day she tells me..."Do you remember this kiss". With a lot of respect...a lot of respect.

O: How does a relation grow in 14 years?
RM: What a question. I don't have an answer. Rebeca and I were together, later we stopped being together, later we returned again and well...Its like happens. that’s the way it is and don't know if it will continue this way....she is a marvelous person and makes me feel good.

What do you want to hear --Jaleo again?

RM: Its ok for me, its a great summer song. #1 in 9 European countries. NO problem. WE are here in KLVE 107.5. The Latin’s are here!


O: Its 9:43 in the morning---Ricky you have info on the internet?
RM: yes, If you want to go and find out about my itinerary visit Ricky Martin Music .com and go there
O: Fotos, interactive?
RM: Totally, you will see
O: Listen Ricky, you are still young. Do you regret that you are not yet a father?
A: Papacito.....
RM: Its something that I have always talked about, since I was 18...look back in the media files.
I don’t have a problem with it. For this you have to have lots of practice!

A: You have adopted 2 children in India?
RM: 3 girls in India. Unfortunately adoption is not allowed by the government. They live in a dormitory and I talk to them at least once a week.
O: Do they even know who “Ricky Martin” is?
RM: Well, no they don’t. I rescued them from a plastic cloth in the streets. They had never seen TV or listened to the radio. I asked their mother if I could give them medical attention and food and shelter, and she said. lets do it, perfect. I had a lot of luck because many of them ask for money and then they take it and go buy a bike or something. On this occasion, she said “Help me, help me help my children”.

A: How old are they
RM: 4-6 and 8
O: How they know who Ricky Martin is?
RM Now they even know of the internet.
So all your fans want to know, do you have plans for a wedding with Rebeca?

RM: I don't want to talk about this subject, it makes me nervous. If there is a wedding I will shout it from the four winds, and I will tell the journalists that don't invent things, that aren't the cynical ones and who respect my heart and that of Rebeca.

O: Does it bother you much that they invent things, the yellow press, that they insist and insist...

RM: Yes cynics bother me, that they don't have a life and try to live mine- and since they can't they do this.

O: But isn't it a part of the game, this profession?

RM: No, when I started in this career, it wasn’t this hard. A career in journalism used to have such credibility. When they are with you face to face with and artist and they ask questions. The artist gets tired because they take their job seriously....its a painful process, you work very heard pouring your feelings into your work and they come and ask "So, do you like Bugs Bunny". Journalism is serious, it is meant to inform people. And many of those that call themselves journalists are not.

Ok ;pause for a break here..

O: Its now 9:46 and we are speaking of ADS which you can by and hear everywhere. What has this cd meant to you Ricky?

RM When you have the time to remember, the time to tell the truth and to fortify myself and not to be afraid of my feelings. And to have time to play with the composers of the songs and also to be a composer myself. It think it was a kind of catharsis and I am so happy to have worked with artists who know what its like to have the applause, the fame, and the stage

O: Professionals all

RM: To be in this career= I felt free to discuss with all of them

O:" You were with people who are such great artists

RM: But they are also my friends. We all have something to learn from each other. (His cell phone goes off here) Its just like everyone else (he laughs_

O: Talk about the one song that Alejandro Sanz wrote- Alma’s del Silencio

RM: Its about my island, Puerto Rico, my people, the public that has always been there for me, something that balances me, my family- -and its also about the children in India that have only a future of prostitution and hunger to look forward to .. Its such a shame in that country.

O: This foundation you have will be world wide?

RM: It started when I was 12 and an ambassador for UNICEF. and after I rescued these children it seemed important to me to share this with others. Poole of r the children is in he beginning process. I want it to be the voice for all those souls who cannot talk for politics and other reasons.

O: You are doing it. God has chosen you. You have a special mission in life.

RM: This is KLVE and Ricky Martin and here is Almas del Silencio.


A: Ricky, we have a list of curious things the girls want to know. You have to answer them with o only one word answers.
RM: Like Ping Pong
Argelia: Your favorite place in LA?

Ricky: Venice

Argelia: What do you do with the bras and panties that girls throw you on stage?

Ricky: I throw them back to my cousin?

Argelia: What would you like to do that you haven't done in long time?

Ricky: Skydiving

Argelia: What does it means the unconditional affection of your fans?

Ricky: Beginning

Argelia: What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

Ricky: Smiling

Argelia: Your ideal woman?

Ricky: Breathing is enough

Argelia: Your favorite part on a woman?

Ricky: The legs

Argelia: Boxers or briefs on you?

Ricky: Briefs

Argelia: Long or short hair on you?

Ricky: Short

Argelia: Could you fall in love with a fan?

Ricky: What's the difference between a woman and a fan?

Argelia: What do you like from your body?

Ricky: My hands

Argelia: With who would you like to duet: Paulina, Thalía, Bridney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

Ricky: Christina Aguilera

Argelia: What makes you angry?

Ricky: The cynicism

Argelia: Your favorite dessert?

Ricky: Chocolate Mousse

Argelia: Favorite drink?

Ricky: Water

Argelia: If we go to Puerto Rico, what we should see?

Ricky: Do you have like 10 days, right?

Argelia: If you're able to live again a day in your life, which one would be?

Ricky: The day of my debut in Broadway

Argelia: What question would you like to be made to you that we haven't ask?

Ricky: When are you coming for concerts?

Argelia: And when is it?

Ricky: Next year I'll be releasing a new English-language album, totally different to Almas del silencio and I'd like to do a tour with it. O: Continue with us a little bit of time we have left, Ricky Tell us about Asignatura Pendiente.

RM: No problem. Ricardo Arjona really affected me.

O: Tell us al little while we are still on the air. Was it an easy interpretation?
RM: Yes, you know when you are recording a song you can spend 3-4-5 days on one song, and yes its normal to get a good interpretation. And this song we did like 2-3 times and it was there.

O: Arjona is a good interpreter.
RM: From Ricky martin, a little bit of my life from Almas del Silencio--Asignaturea Pendiente


RM: There exists this child. and you grow up and sometimes is all that we have and you must find it.

O: How do you make that transformation.

RM: I went to my house, my friends, and it all returns- the memories. I opened the photo albums and said I want those feelings back again. Its an exercise I did. Its a little obsessive, but it also comes somewhat naturally from my meditation. But you have to return to the innocence and purity.

Maria: What happens is that when one knows where you started, one can tell if they have lost the touch with you. The fans, the fame and every artist comes to this. For this I like the song Asignatura Pendiente Ricky, I have the pleasure of knowing you since lots of years ago and I'm a person who admires you, I like your music but I also do like your voice and your way of talking. I think that there's an energy in your person, which is very impressive".

“The song of Asignatura Pendiente gives me such a nostalgia. Just feeling that the one spoken on the song is for real Ricky, makes me feel such a tenderness".

“Working on this showbiz I realize that there are artists that can easily lose the track and I'm glad that you reencountered with yourself and you're here with us today".

RM: Because Arjona was translating my life for me. No one else can sing this song. It is my song from his soul. He is very sensitive.

O: Thank you Ricky for coming to see us today.

RM: NO, thank you

O: The new songs and definitely this album is a mirror of the soul of Ricky Martin and from the bottom of our hearts...thank you... Its rich in talent and pride for our continent. Lets have some Jaleo at 10:14 am..



Transcript/Translation of EPK

Here it goes, so you can get along with the voices, the songs, and what they're saying. The text from the song are my guesses, from the best I could understand, since most of the time the voices were over the tracks. But still, you have the idea:

Tal vez sera que esta historia ya tiene final...

Perhaps this story has already an end...

Ricky Martin: After many years, I've realized that there's nothing like having a studio at home, because you wake up at 4am with something in your head and you go running to the studio and you record it.

"Si tu te vas... todo se va... con mi ilusion...

If you leave... everything goes by... with my illusion...

I don't change it for anything. But well, let's listen the song for a second.

Si ya no estas aqui mi vida es diferente
Si ya no estas aqui...

If you're not longer here, my life is different
If you're not longer here...

My house is always full of cars since there's already the producer, there's the engineer, there are two producers, there are musicians and suddenly I got desperate for a while. But then, that thought just lasted 2 minutes because then I was inside of the studio and forgetting everything because everything we were creating was going out so beautiful.

Si ya no estas aqui mi vida es diferente
Si ya no estas aqui...

If you're not longer here, my life is different
If you're not longer here...

I had to go back to the beginning. Going back to the beginning meant going back to my language, to my culture and beginning to search in a more intense way, what I was, what were my feelings, my reality and to do that, I needed silence, and time. Taking that time I was able to write and to get a relief. I was very sad, and I was very empty and I realized that I almost had no feelings. I wrote a song in this album called Nadie mas que tu (No one more than you). It's the best therapy. Writing makes you free in an incredible way. Nowadays, I'm releasing a CD that reflects what I am. Oh, how beautiful Spanish is!

...Fue tan suficiente verlo en tu mirada...

Me enseñaste a ver la luz
Cuando dentro de mi alma se apagaban...
Las ganas de continuar

Como si me conocieras de otra vida
Vas antecediendo todos mis instintos

Nadie mas que tu
Ha sembrado paz en mi interior
Hizo renacer mi fe
Para ver mas alla del sol

It was enough seeing it in your sight...

You taught me to see the light
When inside my soul was turning off...
The will to keep going

It was like if you knew me from a past life
You're anticipating all my instincts

No one more than you
Have seeded peace in my interior
It gave to my faith a rebirth
To see beyond the sun

Tommy Torres: You can listen an intimacy in his voice never heard before, there's a simplicity in most of the songs that makes you have the chance to listen to him like he was in your room in front of you and that's definitely one of the things that links the musical concept of the CD.

Intento pero nunca salgo del abismo [y todo queda en nada]
Mis gritos hacen eco al fondo de la nada
Mientras mi cuerpo...

I try but I never get out of the abyss [and everything remains in nothing]
My shouts are making echo in the bottom of the emptiness
While my body...

Ricky Martin: I'm at home, at my home and my producers' home since we've created a family, since we've been here hours... They're great professionals living with the same intensity I'm living with. They left their skin in this studio. It's here, everything's in here.

Sabes manejar la seduccion
Juegas con la piel y la pasion...

You know how to handle seduction
You play with the skin and the passion...

The sound of this CD is of course an international one. We used a lot of instruments from the Middle East.

Atrapao y moribundo
Enjaulao en el deseo...

Locked and dying
Traped in the desire...

There are a lot of Arabic sounds, of gypsy sounds. That's talking about sounds, but talking about lyrics... they're brokenhearted lyrics.

"La luna llena sera mi testigo... dame jaleo"

The full moon will be my witness... give me commotion

Well, this CD was a crazyness. We were about to release and English CD. And I said 'Stop. It's over.'. People told me 'What happened?'. 'I don't want to release an English album. I want to release a Spanish one.' I had no time to write 12 songs, but I have lots of friends that can help me. I talked with Alejandro Sanz, Ricardo Arjona, Juanes, Tommy Torres, Franco de Vita... And I told them 'Are we ready for the battle?' 'Yes, we are' And we are.

Si aun te queda tiempo
Pa' una ultima cancion
Pon tu oido en mi tierra y escucha su voz
Si lo permite el tiempo...

If you still have time
For a last song
Put your ear in my land and listen to its voice
If the time allows it...

I talked to Alejandro Sanz. He knows me very well. He knows about my sensibility. And in Almas del silencio, which is the song that he wrote, he talks about the simplicity of my people.

Alejandro Sanz Almas del silencio talks about the important people for Ricky in his homeland, Puerto Rico. There's something about it, I believe, that he has an obsession with, which is his people.

Ay, junto a mi puerto
Con mi gente...

...Oh, along to my port
With my people...

Tengo millas de vuelo para ir a Pluton
Tengo un club de fans en la Luna...

I have traveler miles to go to Pluto
I have a fan club in the Moon...

Ricky Martin: Sometimes you think that you're not necessarily expressing what you're feeling in your heart. And it seems that my face doesn't lies. Ricardo Arjona saw what I feel.

Tengo una casa gigante que veo desde un avion
y en los ojos de algunos fortuna...
De tu mano pequeña diciéndome adiós
esa tarde de lluvia en San Juan...

I have a big house that I can see from an airplane
And in the eyes of some people, fortune...
From that little hand of you saying goodbye to me
In that rainy afternoon in San Juan...

Ricardo Arjona: Ricky belongs to that group of people that has a special insistence and eagerness of wanting to reach the sky and that makes them work more than the rest. It makes them dream more than most of the people.

or andar ocupado en el cielo
me olvide que en el suelo se vive mejor
mi boricua, mi india, mi amor,
Mi asignatura pendiente...

Because of been busy in the sky
I forgot that in the land you live better
My Puerto Rican, my Hindi, my love
My pending assignment...

I discovered in Ricky a person who's willing to go back to the land. Daring to talk about the fact that you sometimes can have more cars than friends... it's a very hard subject and you have to be brave to talk about it.

Tengo tres oficinas y un piso en New York
y el rey Midas trabaja conmigo...

I have three offices and a floor in New York
And the King Midas works with me...

For a lot of people, Ricky has overpassed the most outlandish dreams of a lot of people working in this business. Ricky, even achieving that, is a guy that keeps dreaming.

Si contacto al niño que fui tengo ganas de anclar
tengo tantas de huir a algún sitio...

If I get in contact with the kid I was, I have the will to anchor
And so much will to escape somewhere...

Ricky Martin: This song is full of pain. I've realized a lot of things with it, and I think it's the song that have caused me the greatest impact on this CD.

Mi asignatura pendiente

My pending assignment

Juanes: With Ricky's project I begun on last year. I met Ricky personally in Washington, in the Hispanic Heritage Awards and well, there was a good vibe, a good chemistry.

Por eso no te vayas amor... quedate un momento...

Because of that, don't leave my love... stay for a moment...

Ricky Martin: The magic is once again present in this CD with his music, with a very familiar scene for me: the fear of separating from someone

Quedate... Porque yo sin tu amor no tengo el aire que respira mi voz

Stay here... because I, without you love I don't have the air that breathes my voice

Juanes: It's the first time that a song of me is recorded by someone else. And been Ricky Martin the one that does it... you know, it's wonderful. The theme of Si tu te vas is this situation that always get in when you get away of the person you must love, when you have this pain but still with a deep love and with the will of telling your disposition forever to love.

Ricky Martin: Franco de Vita is someone that has been with me in my last 3 Spanish CDs. We worked with him in A medio vivir, his song gave the title to the CD. Then Vuelve, his song once again gave the title to the CD and now he writes a song called Tal vez: it's such a solid song, it's a song full of emotions...

Tal vez fui yo que no te di una noche entera...

Perhaps it was me who didn't gave you a full night...

Franco de Vita: Tal vez summarizes a bit the life of the artist, you know. Because after all the things you have to do, you forget the immiediate things, the closest to you, which is your home, your family and your couple.

Tal vez se me olvido que yo te amaba... tal vez

Perhaps I forgot who I was loving... perhaps

Tommy Torres: I think it'll be one of this CDs that you listen from the beginning to the end and you don't get tired. I'm very glad with the final product.

Ricky Martin: Almas del silencio is the title of the CD because the silence is the thing that leads me to centralize. Silence is what focus me. My music is born from silence.

La luna llena sera mi testigo... dame jaleo
The full moon will be my witness... give me commotion

31.05.03: "Cosmopolitan Magazine"

Ricky Martin: Undressing his skin
By Celeste Rodas de Juarez
Cosmopolitan Magazine

1. From all your songs, which one is the most biographical?

The one from Arjona (Asignatura pendiente), because it describes what I am and what I left. It's truly a magic song. That songs says that because of living busy in the heaven you forget that in the land you live better.

2. Does sometimes fame overcomes you?
I like to say that I've been so busy that there hasn't being available time for it to overcome me. Ricky Martin is not known as a prepotent. I've been always very accessible to the public, to the press, even when I have no reason to do it, I've agreed to a lot of things. Like, by example, when I've been on vacations and suddenly someone asks for an interview, and I've agreed; but also there has been times where it doesn't happens, since there are moments where I want to isolate for a while. Someone might misunderstand it and say 'Gosh, Ricky didn't gave us that interview! He didn't wanted to talk to us!' but you have to see the other side of the situation.

3. And when does that happens?
When Ricky becomes a human being and finds a wonderful meaning in the word 'no'. You have to remember that I'm coming from a band where discipline was all about saying yes to all, to give; there wasn't time for feeling. We were always reminded that we were there to work. There wasn't free time for anything else.

4. How does that made an impact in your life?

Someones might not know, but it was a strong time because suddenly, I didn't had my original name, they changed my age, I left my country and I went travelling. And they inserted a different data code to me, since the data entering was this: we're here to work, work, work.

5. Your mom suffered a lot when you left and she missed you, how did you handled the thoughts of feeling guilty and getting away from family?
Thinking) In some moments that feeling of guilty, the one that we all Latinos are raised with... 'why you, why me... my fault, my fault'. But if I make some time to realize that, simply, life was meant like that, I don't hurt myself too much, since I find that I'm fulfilled, in peace with who I am and with who I've made myself.

6. And in who you've become?
I've become in a guy full of compassion, that feels; I was for a lot of time without feeling. I've become in someone a little bit more analytical and, maybe because of analyzing things, is the formula for being where I am at.

7. Talking about your potential of compassion, do you believe that you're the artist that supports the most charities?
No. I don't dare to say that. There are artists that help a lot. Look Bono, I think he's almost winning a Nobel Prize of Peace.

8. Would you like to follow that career?
That happens little by little. Now there's a foundation called People for the Children that will work very close with the child exploitation in Latin America. It's incredible the amount of kids that are in prostitution, exploited by adults. Not to mention, there are even agencies that move them to Asia. It's important to talk about this problem. 

9. In the intimate aspect, you've been related with every possible relation: from Latin Rock singers to American divas. Which romance has been a gossip?
All the women that I've been related with are independant women, successful, very unique; but I never talk about my relations because is not part of my personality.

10. Why are there so many people interested in your privacy?
Because there's nothing bad to talk about and they want to look for something that doesn't exists. They say: 'he has to fail in some aspect... anywhere'. But they don't know how bothering is that. You feel violated, because the intimacy, the sexuality, must be untouchable. The sexuality is the most vulnerable point of each human being. Because of that, when a magazine says who's with who, gossip sells and the picture of the papparazzi... (Laughters) In my case, there's not even that pic or anything to be said, good or bad, from my personal life, neither with who I am. Maybe that's why they hold too much on this. Sometimes, some of them don't have a life and they want to live mine, or even worse, inventing mine!

11. Or maybe they see the spokeperson for certain minorities...

I don't know. The showbiz is full of fantasies. With me, you can fantasize however you want.

12. What he said about women...
A. Alejandra Guzman made strong confessions about you. Are you seriously so passionate?
Alejandra is such a monstrous figure.

B. That doesn't answers the question...
It doesn't has to be the issue here. She've answered that several times.

C. What kind of relation did you had with Adriana Biega?
She's a wonderful woman. But once again, I don't talk about my privacy. You'll never find in a newspaper nor a magazine about me denying or approving the fact of sleeping with her.

D. Rebeca de Alba?EZCODE BOLD END

Rebeca is a great woman. She's stability. Strenght. A beauty. An example.

E. And Sasha?
You have there all the list! I haven't seen her in long time, but she's such a classy woman! The sexiest voice I've ever heard.

F. Madonna?
Madonna is fire. I'm not saying anything new. I think everyone knows her personality: what you see is what you get. With her, there are no masks: she's her, simply, she's here...period!

G. Which one of them kiss the best?
They all kiss wonderfully. Oh, no! I already said it! What a fool I am.


Mai 2003: "Woman" in Dänemark

A Funny and different interview from the Danish magazine Woman.
Hanne posted this interview in the Scandinavian section in the original language Danish. I found it different and funny and therefore translated it into English.
It’s different because it’s funny and bold, some might consider it brazen. It’s not the “same old, same old”.

With Ricky In Paris
“Yes, He IS super gorgeous” said Woman journalist Andrea Bak when she returned home from the interview with Ricky in Paris. In spite of his shirt being unbuttoned down to his navel he is gorgeous.
It was a good-humoured Ricky who awaited her in the luxury suite of the lavish Parisian Hotel.
While he answered the questions - he squirmed like an affectionate cat in the sofa and his brown eyes sparkled suggestively.
“And outside the sun was shining and the chestnut threes were coming into leafs – it was damned hard to resist” said Andrea Bak with a smitten look in her eyes.
Of course after the interview there were taken pictures of Andrea in Ricky’s arms “he held me really tight around my waist” She claims, unfortunately the pictures never came out - so we don’t have any definite proof of this.

The interview
By Andrea Bak

1. Describe a perfect Saturday night
To be at home with the remote control in my hand with good food and good company

2. What is good food?
Mamas cooking. But I guess mama shouldn’t be there on a perfect Saturday night.. otherwise nice Italian pasta, good wine and a delicious salad.

3. What are the three most important ingredients in a successful seduction?
Look her in the eyes, make her feel beautiful, important and special. And then give her a really good and long kiss.

4. What is a good kiss?
Very intense and passionate. And wet.

5. What do you value most about a woman?
That you are so unpredictable! I feel it this way – when I have a girlfriend it’s like dating three different woman. In the beginning of the month she is happy, in the middle of the month she is cranky and at the end of the month she is affectionate. It’s like playing chess – we never know when you will attack! But it’s so fascinating, because you can be with a woman for several years without knowing her completely.

6. What is the most romantic thing you ever experienced?
Silence…… just looking at each other without saying a word and just forget everything around us.

7. When do you feel most sexy?
What… I don’t know….. sexy? I guess when I’m dancing but not on stage. These questions are very difficult.

8. What would you be doing if you were a woman for 24 hours?
Oh my god! I have never really thought about it obviously! But I might as well be honest and say – I would probably just touch my breasts. I don’t have breasts myself and I love breasts so I would probably use the better part of the day just touching them. I wouldn’t use that much make-up – only red lipstick.

9. What is the most embarrassing thing you ever experienced?
When I fell on stage! There was this girl who threw a rose up on stage. The stage was slippery so I slipped and landed right on my *ss. The audience went all quiet, but I just pretended it was a part of the choreography. It hurt so bad it was nauseating , but I finished the show and ran out to throw up afterwards.

10. When did you last cry?
When I heard my new song on the radio for the first time. For two years I have worked really intense on the new album so when I heard the song on the radio I felt so relieved. It was as a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders.

11. What is the nicest thing anyone ever said about you?
My career have giving me a lot of rewards, and one of them is when people come up to me and tell me “you don’t know what you have done for me! Thank you for making me happy”. that makes the trouble and all the sacrifices worth while.

12. What is the worst thing anyone ever said about you?
Right before I got my big international breakthrough , a guy from the record company said to me “You do know that this laboured salsa will be the end of your career?” He was later fired. I was so angry it made work even harder. So in reality he really did me a favour…. Haha!

13. What piece of clothing made the biggest impression on you?
It was a pair of Jean Paul Gaultier pants which I bought when I lived in Mexico nine years ago. One trouser leg was tight the other one loose like a skirt. I loved those pants! I still have them. I wore them to a show once and the host made fun of them but I was really supercilious about it and said “Yeah yeah what do you know about fashion old man, get lost!”

14. What is the worst hairdo you ever had?
Two years ago I shaved all my hair off. You know with shaving creme and all. I just loved to touch it because it was so smooth but my friends told me I looked like a cotton bud so I only did it that once.

15. When was the last time you were drunk?
It was new years eve. I celebrated the new years on a private island in Puerto Rico with all of my friends. It was a great night, but the next day I said to myself “This is the end! I’m never going to drink again!

16. Which book was the last you read?
“The four agreements” and “The mastery of love” by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s rather simple books that teach you to live your life in a different way. They are inspired by some writings by the Toltec Indians who lived hundreds of years ago. These Indians didn’t have the word sickness in their vocabulary because they didn’t know what sickness was. Their immune system were 100% intact and his theory is - it’s because of the way they were towards each other.

17. What is important in order to have a good life?
After having read the books about the Toltec Indians I no longer take things personally. I have also learned to choose my words wisely in order to hurt people the least. Even if I have to tell them something unpleasant. It has definitely giving me a better sense of tranquillity and better quality of life.

18. What is your biggest wish?
That my new album will be a success all over the world even though it’s in Spanish.

19. What is happiness?
It’s a state of mind, which is not there all of the time – but you will remember it when it no longer there.

20. What is your favourite thing?
Incense. I’m completely addicted to it. But without chemicals in it. Champa and Teck & Tonka are my favourites.

21. What is your biggest extravagance?
That I built a studio in my house. It’s where my new album has been recorded. If I wake up at 3 am in the morning with an idea in my head – it’s so cool that I can go straight over there to work instead of waiting ´till the next morning.

22. What irritates you the most?
Because I have the studio in my house it’s always crowded with people – sometimes that’s just too much. Sometimes I just want to be alone – but when I listen to the record I can hear it’s been worth while.

23. Which 3 things do you miss in your life?
Nothing. I’m lucky. And I have taught myself to let go. If I once was in possession of something and it suddenly wasn’t there anymore there is a reason for it. I might miss it for a short moment – but then I tell myself : “if it’s gone it’s gone don’t dwell on it”. There is an old saying that states: “let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t it never was” That sounds pretty right and it’s easy to say. But it’s difficult to live by – take it from someone who knows.  

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